Dubai Scored Well: As a Safe City & Tourism Chief During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Dubai Scored Well: As a Safe City & Tourism Chief During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dubai by positioning itself as a safe city, offering a 360-degree experience at a time Covid-19 crippled the industry worldwide.

Views & Facts
Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing points that:
1. The people are focusing a lot on the health and safety measures that a city has put in place.
2. They gives them the confidence to travel, whether it is for business or family.

Issam Kazim, Speaking on Expo 2020's
- Expo 2020 opened its gates on October 1, also came at the right time for the world to come together and share their ideas.
- Expo 2020 is tremendous , the message was very powerful and timely as it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the nation.

Dubai City & Hotel Offerings
1. During the first 11 months of 2021, Dubai Airports continues to be one of the busiest in the world with 24 million international passengers.
2. The emirate welcomed 4.88 million tourists between January and October 2021.
3. Total of 9.4 million room nights were booked during the same period.
4. Dubai's multi-pronged strategy, including its high vaccination rates, mass testing and phased opening of businesses, and aggressive campaigns, have paid off, as the tourist numbers prove.

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