Experiences for Developers, Customers & Partners Developers: Offer Real-Time View of Real Estate Operations

Experiences for Developers, Customers & Partners Developers: Offer Real-Time View of Real Estate Operations

- By 2023, the building automation market is poised to reach a valuation of $273 billion.
- Partnership between market leaders ODS Global & Johnson Controls to focus:
1. Growing emphasis on energy usage
2. Sustainability
3. Digital transformation

- The UAE is emerging as a hotbed for the developments, with:
1. Global market leaders 
2. Regional incumbents pooling their resources
3. Policymakers facilitating a favourable ecosystem 
4. Customers driving focus on sustainability

- Developers should choose the right solution for their operation, based on:
1. Ability to optimise efficiency
2. Minimise running cost
3. Enhance end-user experiences in their buildings

To enable effective monitoring and optimisation of all processes, using data-driven models in which the slightest dip in performance and efficiency.

Act as a Centralised Model of Managing Building Operations 
- Enables seamless and cost-effective integration of multi-vendor assets. 

ODS Global & Johnson
These two announced a strategic partnership early this year, to foster greater innovation and efficiencies in building operations:
1. UAE-based ODS Global, a sustainable integrated building management service provider.
2. US-based Johnson Controls, a leading global building automation service provider

- Partnership includes the addition of Building and Energy Management Systems (BEMS) offered by EasyIO, a subsidiary of Johnson Controls, to ODS's existing services portfolio.
- EasyIO marks a paradigm shift in energy management. 

EasyIO Role
UAE's real estate sector gearing up for a sustainable future, using a tech-driven approach, there is a growing need for a solution such as EasyIO. 
- EasyIO help:
1. Clients, Engineers & Contractors in the UAE.
2. Optimise savings.
3. Asset performance.
4. End-user comfort across the entire real estate value chain.

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