Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood as a Cultural Tourism Destination


Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood as a Cultural Tourism Destination

Two new strategies approved in Dubai on Sunday will help preserve local heritage:
- Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood which dates back to the 19th century, into a leading cultural destination.
- Sheikh Hamdan Crown Prince and Executive Council Chairman, Dubai approved "Rehabilitation and Revitalisation of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood Strategy".

As a part of a broader strategic framework that aimed:
1. To preserve local heritage.
2. To strengthen Dubai’s position as a city.
3. To showcase the nation’s cultural identity.
4. To promote art, culture, creativity, innovation and heritage.

It consist of ingenious interactive experiences:
1. To bring in the more youthful generation and art fanatics.
2. The art kinds that show the lively imaginative identification of the area.
3. Interactive excursions that artistically highlight the background and heritage.
4. By carrying out arts coming from Emirati heritage.

Public Art Approach
This will certainly add:
1. To prepare Dubai a worldwide special open art gallery by providing unique imaginative social experiences.
2. To advertise brand-new imaginative activity in the emirate via a linked administration structure.