Dubai: A Home to the World’s First Air-Conditioned City


Dubai: A Home to the World’s First Air-Conditioned City

Projects & Developments
- Dubai is planning the world’s first temperature-controlled city, which will cover almost 4.5 million m2 (over 1,100 acres).
- Mall of the World will house the world’s largest indoor theme park, which will be covered by a glass dome and open all year.
- Project, with an area of 8,000,000ft2, developed by Dubai Holding, include the world’s largest shopping mall.

- Take the shape of a multi-level retail street network, different from the usual shopping mall idea currently in use in Dubai.
- 7-kilometer-long promenades that connect all of the amenities will be covered and air-conditioned in the summer and open in the winter, maintaining comfortable temperatures all year.

1. Dedicated zone catering to medical tourists.
2. Cultural celebration district.
3. Hospitality alternatives including:
- 100 hotels
- Serviced apartment buildings with 20,000 hotel rooms catering to all types of tourists.
- Parking facilities with a capacity of up to 50,000 cars, in the ground floor.

The Dubai Cultural District
- Serve as a focal point for national and international cultural events and festivals in the UAE.
- Dedicated theatre district with a variety of venues modeled after some of the world’s most famous monuments, including:
1. London’s West End
2. New York’s Broadway.
- The Celebration Walk is modeled after Barcelona’s Ramblas Street and link the cultural sector to the rest of the Mall.
- Variety of conference, wedding, and celebration venues that can accommodate thousands of people, in keeping with Dubai’s multicultural social fabric.

Dubai city to become a year-round destination, with over 180 million people per year once completed.

Project Plan
1. To transform Dubai into a cultural, tourist, and economic hub for the two billion people.
2. To enhance Dubai’s tourism infrastructure.