Dubai's Jumeirah Village Circle; Booming for Renters & Buyers


One of the areas that benefits most from the migration right now is Jumeirah Village Circle.

The community is booming with a growing population and properties available for significantly less rent than that in other areas of the city.

- The whole place is becoming much more lived-in and more complete
- Lot of little shops and supermarkets that are high quality and the staff is very friendly.

Renting & Buying in Jumeirah Village
The price depends on the building finish, location, high or low floor and the view:


Studio - Dh40,000
1 Bed - Dh60,000
2 Bed - Dh83,000
3 Bed - Dh120,000


3 Bedrooms - Dh130,000
4 Bedrooms - Dh155,000

One of Dubai’s leading estate agents said, in addition to the affordability, a significant reason for JVC’s popularity is its growing maturity as a suburb.

Why JVC in high demand?
- It offers fantastic value for money and it’s a developing area that is improving all the time.
- There are some nice parks and green spaces and every week there are more food and beverage outlets opening.
- Only a few remaining empty plots and the whole place is becoming much more lived-in and more complete, which makes it nicer for residents.

JVC: Area Highlights
- JVC was the second most sought-after location in Dubai last month, according to Dubai Land Department with sales totalling more than Dh500 million.
- The only area with higher demand was Business Bay in the heart of the city centre.

According to the latest figures, the average rent for a studio apartment in JVC is Dh46,500 while a one-bedroom costs about Dh68,000 and a two-bedroom Dh103,000.

One problem that many residents have about the area is the level of traffic, especially when accessing the nearby Hessa Street. However, the situation is not necessarily that bad, especially compared to other parts of the emirate.

Any city centre location is going to have traffic and the road infrastructure is getting better and better in JVC.
There is some traffic but the entry and exit roads really do provide good access.