Marina 101 Is Close To Completion, Dubai


Marina 101 Is Close To Completion, Dubai
- Marina 101 is the second-tallest building in Dubai Behind Burj Khalifa
- Construction started in 2007.
- Project is almost complete.

Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and Dubai Civil Defence are contacted by RERA, to start preparing the site for operation and handovers.

Sheffield Holdings Catalogue of Marina 101
- Comprises 32 floors of the building will host a luxury hotel.
- Another 42 floors will feature exclusive hotel apartments.
- Residences will be from floor 80 to the top.

- Described as being inspired by the distinctive architectural style of buildings in Manhattan, New York.

Marina 101: Highlights
- 101st floor which would feature "a fancy nightclub lounge".
- Act as the Second-tallest tower in Dubai.
- 7th tallest in the world.
- Slightly taller than Dubai Marina's Princess Tower.
- Stands at 413 metres.
- Tallest residential building in the world by 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan.