Sheikh Mohammed Issues New Law on Expropriation of Property for Public Use, Dubai


Sheikh Mohammed Issues New Law on Expropriation of Property for Public Use, Dubai

It is a process of an authority taking over a property from an owner for public use or for social benefit.

The chairman of the Dubai Ruler’s Court, Sheikh Mohammed will issue a decision on the formation of the committee, its members, decision-making processes and expropriation procedures.

The New Law & Its Aim
To ensure that the rights of owners of expropriated property are protected, and they are afforded full and fair compensation according to a clear set of rules.

The Law Provisions
As per the decision issued by the chairman of the Dubai Ruler’s Court. The law provisions may:
- Apply to the expropriation of property across Dubai.
- Covers special development zones and free zones including the Dubai International Financial Centre.
- Sets out the terms for providing compensation to the owners whose properties are expropriated.

Role of Expropriation Committee
To oversee all matters related to expropriation of property.

The Committee Task
1. Reviewing requests for expropriation including requests to assess the viability of expropriating a property to meet the objectives of a project.
2. Propose alternatives to expropriating a property for a project, including land grants.
3. Assess whether a proposed project requires full or partial expropriation.
4. Evaluate the compensation for expropriated property.

Note: In case the expropriation affects a property that belongs to a local or federal government entity, compensation will be provided as per legislations and procedures approved by the committee.