Waterfront Area Projects Projected to See A Price Jump


The villas and apartments on some of the much sought after Dubai waterfront areas commanding sky-high premiums is no brainer, but here is a golden opportunity to hit the jackpot with affordable housing projects in some of the ‘not-so-much-known’ waterfront area projects in the city.

Waterfront Properties in Dubai
Al Thanyah Fourth Part 2, Jumeirah Part 4, Jumeirah Park Part 1 and Hessyan First Part 1, all located next to Gulf Bay are among the waterfront projects listed by leading Dubai-headquartered proptech Realiste, which uses AI-based analysis to predict future market trends.

Trending Waterfront Projects:

1. Palm Beach Towers

2. Address Residence the Bay

3. Luce the Palm

4. Canal Heights

5. Damac Cavalli Bay

6. Bluewaters Bay


8. Seascape at Rashid Yachts & Marina

Low Waterfront Project
Al Kheeran, situated at Dubai Creek, is another low-priced waterfront project which is slated to see a surge in demand and price in the coming years.

- The average property prices in these areas are currently estimated under AED3,500,000.
- The cheapest area among the list is Hessyan First Part 1, with the average cost of property in this district estimated at AED738,000.

Real Estate Growth
- According to its AI-based prediction model, all of the identified areas have the potential to grow by over 20 percent on a short-term basis.
- A clear positive correlation between waterfront locations and property prices in Dubai, with properties near the water commanding a premium of about 40 percent in 2022.

Factors Driving The Trend
- Several factors contribute to the trend of rising preference for waterfront properties in Dubai.
- Stunning views, a major factor associated with luxury and exclusivity – these projects tend to be located in high-demand areas such as popular tourist destinations or business districts, which help drive up prices.

Waterfront Properties
- Waterfront properties in Dubai are also often part of high-end developments that offer top-notch facilities and services, such as fine dining restaurants, luxury boutiques, and high-end spas, which further increase property prices.
- Limited supply of properties near the waterfront, coupled with their ‘exclusivity’, makes these properties a good choice for long-term investment.