Will Property Prices & Rents in Dubai's Residential Market Continue to Increase?


Will Property Prices & Rents in Dubai's Residential Market Continue to Increase?

To make renting easier for tenants in Dubai, the Dubai Land Department has an online Rental Index, which gives tenants a clear idea on the rent increase!

1. Will the landlord increase my rent?
It is important to keep in mind that the landlord plans to increase the rent of a residential unit, he or she is required to inform the tenant three months before the contract is up for renewal, according to Dubai Law No. 26 of 2007 Regulating Relations between the landlord and tenant in the Emirate of Dubai.

2. How much can the rent be increased?
Follow the given below steps to use the Rental Index service by Dubai Land Department:
- Visit https://dubailand.gov.ae/en/eservices/rental-index/rental-index/#/
- Select the type of unit you are renting – residential, commercial, Industrial or staff accommodation.
- Select the contract end date from the drop down menu.
- Choose the property type – apartment or villa.
- Select the area you are living in.
- You would then need to provide details of your residential unit like the number of rooms and your current annual rent.
- Once you confirm the ‘Captcha’ verification, click ‘calculate’.

The calculator provide you details of the following:
- Current rent increase guidelines in Dubai.
- Current rents in your locality for your type of unit (one bedroom, studio, villa etc.).
- Maximum amount of increase in rent allowed, based on the rental increase guidelines.

- Rent Increase Guidelines is set out a slab system for permitted rental increase.
- Slab system is based on what the current rent of a residential unit is, compared to the average rent in the area.
- Depending on how low your rent is, the landlord will be able to increase the rent by 5, 10 or 15%.

3. What if the rent increase is not within the permitted limit?
You may reach out to the Rental Dispute Centre at Dubai Land Department, through their toll-free number – 800 4488, in case your rent has been increased significantly and is beyond the limit mentioned in the Rental Index.