World's Best Tourist Destination To Deal With The Pandemic, Dubai


World's Best Tourist Destination To Deal With The Pandemic, Dubai

Dubai city adopted a multi-pronged strategy to deal with the pandemic including a series of initiatives that further enhanced our global competitiveness and attractiveness as a multi-faceted destination.

Dubai was voted first for best global destination:
1. World’s #1 destination for city lovers.
2. World’s #4 destination for Food Lovers.

Winning this significant achievement for Dubai as the awards were determined by:
- Quality and quantity of independent destination.
- Reviews and ratings from travellers across accommodation, restaurants and activities.

Aim & Achievement
- Testament to the dynamism, resilience and accessibility of Dubai.
- Consistence in delivering the highest standards of service to all visitors.
- Points to the growing collaboration between the Department of Economy and Tourism and its stakeholders and partners, both domestic and international.
- To position Dubai as a global hub for business and leisure.
- International events destination with the success of Expo 2020 Dubai and the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Dubai: The Safest Destination
- One of the first destinations in the world to close, then open and remain open.
- Dubai's effective management of the pandemic and early initiative to lead the global tourism recovery restored travel confidence.
- Ecosystem was aligned in collectively promoting Dubai as a must-visit destination.
- Dubai launched initiatives to ease barriers to entry for business and leisure travellers.
- New visas and programmes such as golden visa targeting investors, entrepreneurs and specialised talents.
- Five-year multi-entry visa for employees of multinational companies, and the Virtual Working and Retire in Dubai programmes.
- Dubai’s ability to evolve and adapt, and focus on a diversified approach to international markets.

Tourism Growth in Dubai
- Gathering pace supported by a robust domestic market.
- Growing confidence within the industry and among travellers.

Dubai Tourism Data
- Dubai welcomed over six million international visitors between January and November 2021.
- 5.5 million tourists who visited Dubai for the entire 2020.
- 743 hotel establishments with over 136,000 rooms opened their doors to guests.
- Expo 2020 Dubai made a major contribution towards creating awareness of Dubai and drawing more visitors to the city.
- Expo 2020 has attracted over 10 million visits by residents and global travellers.