You Need To Know, Expo City Dubai Will Be Car-free & Fully Pedestrianised


You Need To Know, Expo City Dubai Will Be Car-free & Fully Pedestrianised

The Expo City
- Environment-friendly and car-free with buggies to be used to transport residents and visitors.
- Fully pedestrianised and cars would not be allowed as tenants can use soft mobility options.

The Expo Site
Transformed with a major overhaul to its legacy plan and will be branded as Expo City Dubai.

Role of Expo Team
The Expo team is reviewing the plan to make it an integrated city that meets all the needs of the residents.

1. City will be pedestrianised without cars.
2. Looking at different ways of soft mobility like buggies, scooters and bicycles.
3. Encourage public transportation and more integration of metro station.

Parking Strategy & Management
Make it easier for residents and visitors to move with ease.

Expo Dubai: Practices
1. Free of single-use plastic
Expo City Dubai is designed as a blueprint for green urban planning.

The city would be acting as a:
- Vibrant, human-centric smart city driven by sustainability innovation, education and entertainment.
- Built around the principles of sustainability .
- Home to more than 120 LEED certified buildings.
- Retain 80% of infrastructure and buildings that have been constructed including 123 LEED-certified buildings.
- Epitomising the highest levels of sustainable design, construction and operations.
- First well-certified community in the region.
- Demonstrating the built environment's positive impact on health and wellness.

Priority For Health & Requirements
1. 10 km of cycling tracks
2. Five kilometres of running tracks
3. 45,000 sqm of parks and gardens

Retaining Country Pavilions
- Social and cultural attractions, including Al Wasl Plaza and Terra, will continue.
- Retaining the huge-popular Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Luxembourg.

Expo City: Pivotal Role in Dubai's Evolution
1. Expo City continue to be the best in class destination for visitors.
2. Expo City feature a variety of exciting attractions, offices, leisure facilities, food and entertainment venues, exercise grounds and retail options.