A Dreamy Flower Farm in Wadi Asimah, UAE


A Dreamy Flower Farm in Wadi Asimah, UAE

- UAE Flower Farm is located in Fujairah.
- Place where you can pick beautiful flowers.
- Create stunning bouquets.
- Enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Know More About the UAE Flower Farm
- A Private holding owned by Mohammed Al Mazroui, a former employee of the Central Bank of UAE. 
- Mohammed Al Mazroui is now retired. He dedicates his time to his beautiful Wadi Asimah Flower Farm. He cultivates it into a meadow of vibrant flora that are an absolute visual treat. He took seven years to put this gorgeous floral paradise together.
- More than 30,000 blooms that include sunflowers, hollyhocks, snapdragons, marigolds, larkspur, yarrows, dandelions and other flowers. 
- Flowers in this farm are grown from handpicked seeds to ensure quality.
- Wadi Asimah UAE Flower Farm opened to the public in March 2021.

Location Connectivity
- Located in Wadi Asimah, off the Masafi-Dibba (E89) highway.
- Takes 1 hour 20 minutes to travel from Dubai International Airport to the Fujairah Flower Farm. 
- Residents of Sharjah can travel via the Khorfakkan Road (E55). 

Flower Farm in the Asimah Valley
- Sprawling burst of colours with the greys and browns of the surrounding Hajar Mountains in Asimah Valley. 
- Hues of violet, pink, blue, orange and yellow belong to the flowers of the UAE Flower Farm in Fujairah, where Mohammed Al Mazroui has devoted the past seven years to keep his landscape blooming.

Visit With a Summer Staycation in Fujairah
- Farm is not a high-profile tourist destination but also you can spend a few hours for relaxing few hours soaking up the visual beauty. 

Grab Your Favourite Flowers
You may buy flowers at the UAE Flower Farm in Fujairah and walk across the fields and choose the ones you’d like to buy. 

Create Flower Bouquets
You may create colourful arrangements and bouquets with the flowers. Whether you prefer same-flower bouquets or like to mix up different blooms.

Have your click
You might have already come across some beautiful images showcasing the epic scenery. It’s time you got some fantastic shots of your own.

Watch the Sunset
Watch the sun disappear behind the mountains, which is making a beautiful landscape.

1. Who own flower farm in Asimah Valley, Fujairah?
Mohammed Al Mazroui owns his flower farm in Asimah Valley, Fujairah.

2. Describe about the number and growth of flowers in the farm?
The farm’s most recent bloom totalled 30,000 flowers, which included larkspurs, hollyhocks, gladioli, sunflowers, snapdragons and marigolds, to name a few. All of these have been grown from the farm’s own seeds, which Al Mazroui, 50, has selected from previous harvests.

3.  When will the farm opens every day? 
The Wadi Asimah Flower Farm is open every day from 07:00 am to 11:00 am and from 02:00 pm to 06:30 pm. However, the farm is seasonal and it is a good idea to call them before visiting to ensure your trip is not wasted. 

4. How to contact the UAE Flower Farm?
You can contact the UAE Flower Farm on +971-55-992-3601.