Achieving Significant Growth in Real Estate Transactions


Achieving Significant Growth in Real Estate Transactions

The real estate bulletin showing:
▪️   Total of 6,590 real estate transactions in Dubai 
▪️   Recorded and valued at about Dhs22.9 billion, according to the real estate bulletin issued in March 2021.
▪️   Revealed a growth in number by 43% and a growth in value by 40% compared to March 2020. 
▪️   Recorded the second highest number of real estate transactions since February 2017.
▪️   Showed that real estate transactions in Q1 2021 achieved a significant growth of 27 % and 47 % compared to Q1 2020 and Q1 2019.
▪️   Highlighted continued attractiveness of the real estate sector to new investors.
▪️   5,683 new investors entered the market in Q1 2021.
▪️   Representing 64 percent of the total number of investors during the same period.
▪️   Revealed the continuity of achieving positive results in 2021.
▪️   Enhance the trust of local and international investors in Dubai’s attractive and vibrant real estate environment.

The brokerage commissions achieved by active real estate brokers in the real estate market reached:
▪️   Dhs392 million in Q1 2021
▪️   143,374 Ejari contracts were recorded in Q1 2021
▪️   57 %  of which were new contracts 
▪️   Renewed  43 %

Top five areas for investor attractiveness in Villas & Apartments

1.  In villa sales:
▪️   Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid topped the list in Q1 2021
▪️   Wadi Al Safa 5
▪️   Wadi Al Safa 7
▪️   Nad Al Sheba 1
▪️   Al Thanyah Fourth

2.  In apartment sales: 
▪️   Dubai Marina
▪️   Palm Jumeirah
▪️   Business Bay
▪️   Burj Khalifa
▪️   Al Merkadh topped the list in Q1 2021