Arabic Architecture with Austrian Technologies & The 2020 Dubai Expo to Evoke Creative Solutions


Arabic Architecture with Austrian Technologies & The 2020 Dubai Expo to Evoke Creative Solutions 
The Viennese architectural firm Querkraft prevailed its design for the Austrian Pavilion for the EXPO 2020 in Dubai:

- Design combines traditional building materials with modern techniques.
- Presents Austria as a centre of innovation in the heart of Europe.
- Comprises 38 geometrically arranged white cone towers inspired by traditional Arabian wind towers.
- Made of precast concrete elements in varying heights.

An Experience for All the Senses
1. Eye-catching
2. Sustainably planned pavilion 
3. Combines traditional construction methods
4. State-of-the-art technology
5. Acting as an interactive showcase for Austria’s innovative strength and diversity

The 2020 Dubai Expo 
- Expo’s opportunity to position Austria as a global innovation leader through:
1. Digitalization
2. Digital transformation
3. Digital innovation
- Represents a unique opportunity to present our know-how and strengths in areas such as:
1. New technologies
2. Education
3. E-government
4. Life sciences
5. Security systems, especially cyber-security 
6. Innovative transport solutions
- Austrian Pavilion will host a wide-ranging business programme to connect Austrian and Arabian Gulf businesses during the six-month Expo.

Developing new trade and economic ties

Future Developments
- Expo serve as a world stage, for business, research institutions, academics and many more. 
- Austria is keen to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Motto - Austria Makes Sense
Two permanent exhibitions will show a holistic concept which combines:

Platform for Temporary Exhibitions
- Inside the Austrian Pavilion, there are about 53 innovations which reflect Austrian inventiveness.
- Presented digitally and physically in the iLab 

The Knowledge Platform, iLab 
- Operate in two phases, each with different cluster themes: 
1. Smart City
2. Circular Economy
3. Mobility
4. Digital Opportunities
5. Water Agriculture
6. New Materials
7. Health and Life Science
8. Digital Security
- Host regular coding workshops for kids.

- Offering visitors, the chance to catch up over coffee.
- Enjoy some world-famous culinary delights from the country. 
- Explore Austrian culture are in for a treat at the coffeehouse called Austrian Delight, located at the centre of the pavilion. 
- Representing a sense of taste, it will stand as a symbol of Austrian hospitality, besides it. 

Full of Celebrations & Events
- 100 events have already been planned for Austria’s Expo showcase — from cultural performance.
- B2B delegations, discussion, youth workshops, touristic events.
- Austrian Nation Day celebration November 19, just to name a few.