Bill Gates visits Expo 2020 Dubai


Bill Gates visits Expo 2020 Dubai

1. Accompanied by Reem Al Hashemy, Bill Gates toured the key projects of Expo Live, the global innovation and partnership programme.
2. Supports innovators who develop extraordinary low-cost solutions.
3.  Briefed on the ‘Ideabatic’, a low-cost innovation developed by Kitty Liao of the UK, keeping vaccines and life-saving medicines fresh during long journeys to remote rural areas during the tour.

Bill Impressed by 'Desert Control'
The new technology:
- Developed by Atle Idland of Norway.
- To help create an agricultural revolution for arid regions. 

The Invention Uses Liquid NonoClay (LNC)
- Technology that converts poor soil into fertile land.
- Works more quickly.
- Uses less water than conventional agricultural methods.

Gates Toured The Sustainability Pavilion
- He highlights technologies, consume zero energy. 
- He speaks to Expo TV.
- He urged the world to speed up the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
- He quotes that the world was going through a difficult stage in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.