Dubai Cares & Ending Hunger


Dubai Cares & Ending Hunger

The Holy Month of Ramadan is here!

Dubai Ramadan Charities 
▪️   MBRCH
▪️   Food Gifts
▪️   Charity Giving Companies
▪️   Beit Al Khair Society 
▪️   Dar Al Ber Society
▪️   Emirates Red Crescent Society

In Dubai, Muslims and Non-Muslims often reach out to those less fortunate with charitable organisations in the city. 

Here is the list of the major Ramadan charities in Dubai 2021 that you can reach out to donate food, money and time. In these challenging times when a mankind as a whole is struggling to come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic, helping our fellow beings has become more important than ever.
Muslims across the world from all walks of life will be uniting to fast and embrace this month’s spiritual significance. 

Mohammed Bin Rashid Humanitarian and Charity Establishment
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Humanitarian and Charity Establishment (MBRCH) is one of the biggest charities in Dubai. For Ramadan 2021 in Dubai the charity will cater to the needs of the community through its Food Card (Ramadan Parcels) and other initiatives.

Food Gifts
The UAE’s largest online meal plan, Make My Meal and tiffin service, was launched in collaboration with:
1.  Emirates Red Crescent
2.  The Government of Dubai
3.  UAE Food Bank 
4.  The Islamic Affairs 
5.  Charitable Activities Department
The Gift a Meal Ramadan charity in Dubai aims to help low-income families, the unemployed and anyone who is in need of daily essentials. 

Donation steps
▪️   You also have a choice to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. 
▪️   Get into or visit the official Make my Meal website and fill out the form for donation. A box of seven meals costs AED 49
Charity Giving Companies
Companies for Good is one UAE-based charity that supports various causes that corporate entities can get involved in:

▪️   For Ramadan 2021, the charity is introducing the Ramadan Packing Events. This is one way to give back to the community.
▪️   Companies for Good is organising packing events at multiple workplaces across Dubai.

Concept of team-building with charitable giving
It combines the concept of team-building with charitable giving. Along with Iftar meal deliveries similar to other charities on this list, Companies for Good also has several other programmes that organisations can get involved in, including:
▪️   Protecting UAE’s flora and fauna
▪️   Making hats for children with cancer
▪️   Helping senior citizens and more

Donation steps
▪️   Gert into the official site for Companies for Good website in the UAE and navigate to the ‘work with us’ section. 
▪️   Employers can choose the activity they want to get involved in and make the relevant contributions.

Introducing the Beit Al Khair Society 
▪️   Ramadan charities in Dubai in 2021 aims to offer iftar meals for those who need it the most 
▪️   This year charities will deliver food and food baskets to underprivileged in Dubai

Launching a charity campaign
▪️   Beit Al Khair Society has launched a new Ramadan 2021
▪️   Charity campaign titled “And He (Allah) nurtures”
▪️   To give charity in Ramadan, the campaign initiated on February 17, 2021
▪️   Continue over three months until Eid al-Fitr

The new campaign is aimed to offer joy and much-needed help to disadvantaged communities. Beit Al Khair will offer free meals. It aims to assist those affected by COVID-19.
Dar Al Ber Society 
▪️   Dar Al Ber Society aims to provide Iftar meals and other necessities to the underprivileged in Dubai and other emirates. 
▪️   Muslim strive to give charity in Ramadan to the less fortunate.
▪️   The meals will be delivered at home, instead of the Ramadan tents the organisation usually sets up due to the current social distancing guidelines in the UAE. 

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC)
▪️   The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) is the major institution that actively participates in Ramadan charities in Dubai. 
▪️   ERC provides a list of bank accounts for each donation type. The proceedings will go to iftar meals and other essential commodities throughout the holy month. 
▪️   People can choose between several purposes for their donation, such as providing food (Iftar) for people fasting.

Other Charity Donations 
1.  Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP)
2.  Dubai Cares
3.  Noor Dubai
4.  World Vision
5.  Save the Children


1.  What happens during Eid Al-Fitr?
It marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting and prayer. Many Muslims attend communal prayers, listen to a khutbah (sermon) and give zakat al-Fitr (charity in the form of food) during Eid al-Fitr. Many Muslims dress in fine clothing and children receive gifts on Eid al-Fitr.

2.  Describe the practise of charitable giving by Muslims?
Since one of the Five Pillars of Islam is Zakat, the practise of charitable giving, it is common for Muslims around the world to donate money, food and other necessities to the less fortunate during Ramadan.

3.  Mention the aims of charity organizations?
Charities are aiming to deliver countless meals during this years’ holy month of Ramadan. 
This year due to the pandemic, Ramadan tent permits have been revoked across the UAE. With the closure of tents, non-profit and government organisations have decided to deliver food baskets, cooked meals and other essentials to those who need them. 

4.  Explain some of the Ramadan traditions?
The basic purpose of this event is to spread awareness among the people and children about Ramadan. Ramadan traditions around the world vary from one country to another. In the UAE Haq Al Laila celebrates the arrival of the holy month. It begins on the eve of 15th Sha’ban – the Islamic month before Ramadan.