Dubai Realty Transactions at Dh3 Billion


Dubai Realty Transactions at Dh3 Billion 

1.  Realty Transactions Were Valued:
▪️   Total of 115 plots were sold for Dh548.96 million.
▪️   721 apartments and villas were sold for Dh1.25 billion.

2.  The top three transactions were all for lands in Palm Jumeirah, sold for:
▪️   Dh55 million
▪️   Dh32 million 
▪️   Dh55 million

3.  Most transactions are recorded
▪️   Al Hebiah Fourth with 25 worth Dh88.37 million.
▪️   Followed by Nad Al Shiba Third with 22 worth Dh56.74 million.
▪️   Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid with 16 worth Dh136 million.

4.  Top Three Transfers
The top three transfers for apartments and villas where an apartment was sold for:
▪️   Dh135 million in Marsa Dubai.
▪️   Villa for Dh97 million in Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid 
▪️   Apartment for Dh91 million in Palm Jumeirah.

5.  Number of Mortgage Properties
▪️   The number of mortgaged properties was Dh1 billion, with the highest being a land in Al Barsha First for Dh191 million.
▪️   Forty-four properties were granted between first-degree relatives worth Dh153 million.