How hotel apartments are different from residential apartments in Dubai?


How hotel apartments are different from residential apartments in Dubai?
The best accommodation decision owing to an array of reasons:

Here’s a basic comparison that can help you reach a well-informed decision. The Three fundamental parameters that you need to consider while living in hotel apartments and residential apartments - the rent, the savings and the lifestyle amenities.
To distinguish each parameter, we have looked at some of the localities which feature a combination of residential apartments and hotel apartments to give a specific idea for a better living. For that, we have assessed how the serviced apartments in Dubai Marina and hotel apartments in Al Barsha differ from each other. Let’s look into the difference and what you need to keep in mind for an extended stay in Dubai.


▪️ The hotel apartments in Dubai have average annual rent ranging between AED 28k and AED 500k. The starting rent at serviced apartments particularly in the Al Barsha and Dubai Marina areas are AED 70k and AED 60k respectively.
▪️ The rent for residential apartments in Dubai ranges between AED 19k and AED 1.9M annually. You are expected to pay the minimum rent for apartments in Al Barsha is AED 22k while the annual rent for flats in Dubai Marina amounts to AED 26k .

So, the cheap accommodation in Dubai to live, based on the rental cost are residential apartments. Residential apartments are the cheaper option.

Cost of living
The annual rent you pay is one of the most substantial elements of your cost of living in Dubai.
Hotel Apartment (RENT)
Residential  Flat (RENT)
Al Barsha
AED 70,000
AED 22,000  
AED 48,000
Dubai Marina 
AED 60,000  
AED 26,000  
AED 34,000
Hotel apartments and residential apartments are accompanied by the availability of lifestyle amenities. It is another aspect to look at when comparing. Both residential apartments and serviced apartments come with the usual amenities:
· Swimming pools
· Gyms.

Residential apartments come with saunas, steam rooms, and a myriad.
Unless you opt for a furnished apartment in Dubai, most rental flats in the emirate are completely void of furniture and kitchen facilities, so you need to factor that in.

Living in a hotel apartment has the following amenities:
▪️ TV connections,
▪️ Wi-Fi access
▪️ Valet parking
▪️ Cleaning service
Lack of any utility bills which may add to their overall charm. All of that needs to be paid for when you rent an apartment in Dubai.


You can save up to AED 48k annually when opting for a rental apartment in Al Barsha while savings amount to AED 34k on average in Dubai Marina as the above table denotes. This amounts to monthly savings of around AED 4,000 and AED 2,850 respectively. You get more amenities and conveniences in serviced apartments for a slightly higher annual rent.

Property sizes

Sizes and layouts of apartments vary greatly. Apartments for rent in Dubai come in a variety of floor plans and sizes. You can find small sized studios and large studio apartments. The serviced apartments in Dubai are usually available in studios with 1 and 2-bed configurations. A residential flat in Dubai might be a better option for you, if you're living with a big family.  Design/Décor choices
Your design choices create the backdrop of your home-lifestyle.You have greater decorative independence on renting a residential apartment. Hotel apartments have certain limitations for the decorations. The thing is that, most of the areas are fully furnished, decorated and you don’t have the option to decorate your space according to your design and décor preferences. It’s a small price you pay for the otherwise feasible option of living in a hotel apartment.