Invest in Dubai Real Estate Initiative


Virtual Event – “Invest Smarter in Dubai Real Estate to offer the best expat lifestyle”

▪️  Innovations that will shape the Real Estate and Construction market of the future, possessing the ability to quickly adapt to varying real estate scenarios.
▪️  International Property Show, event to generate additional networking opportunities for market
▪️  Dubai Land Department, through its Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management Sector, launched the ‘Invest in Dubai Real Estate’ initiative.

Invest in Dubai Real Estate initiative 

▪️  The virtual destination for the real estate industry and the latest and most prominent real estate promotion initiatives in Dubai. The initiative is set to unfamiliar interactive features from 11 to 20 November 2020 as it launches its very first virtual edition that will provide a truly unprecedented experience for the global real estate community.
▪️  Invest in Dubai Real Estate aspires to be the best virtual destination for the industry as it utilises the most advanced virtual technology and a digital platform that will advance upon the real estate industry in Dubai. 
▪️  Taking place alongside the International Property Show, ‘Invest in Dubai Real Estate’ will generate additional networking opportunities for the Dubai real estate market
▪️  The event will eradicate all barriers and stimulate connectivity among exhibitors, developers, investors, and other professionals from different parts of the globe. 

To maximize investment opportunities for the local real estate market, with the ultimate goal of further boosting economic progress and sustainability in Dubai.

Role of DLD
▪️  Promoting innovation and using artificial intelligence because we are consistently seeking approaches that would strengthen Dubai’s reputation as a role model for smart cities in the world
▪️  Event participants will enjoy a unique, immersive and interactive experience 
▪️  They explore the city’s world-class infrastructure, cultural hotspots, business hubs, and other remarkable features that will further highlight Dubai and its reputation as an ideal investment destination through virtual reality. 
▪️  Dubai Land Department will continue to strengthen the emirate’s leading position as a safe, secure and investment-friendly city through this distinct initiative. 

▪️  This virtual platform to attract more real estate investments and maintain Dubai’s status as a global investment hub.
▪️  This event will feature a vast array of interactive and business-generating activities that will serve as catalysts to inviting more investments to Dubai.
▪️  The event will also offer virtual professional training sessions and relevant educational resources to nurture one’s knowledge about the Dubai real estate market as well as increase awareness of the industry’s winning strategies, latest trends and developments. 

Dubai - The top three investment destinations globally this year
Dubai has maintained its leading position as foreign direct investments continue to flow into the city despite the pandemic, attracting a projected capital of AED 12 billion during H1 2020.