Makani Dubai


Makani Dubai

Facts to know
▪️    What is Makani?
▪️    How to find your Makani Number
▪️    How do you get Makani?
▪️    Why do you need it?
▪️    Frequently Asked Questions

Be it a villa, a high-rise building an office tower or a hospital, every structure is numbered. Introducing Makani in Dubai.
Dubai is the first city in the world to adopt such a number-based addressing system. It makes it extremely easy to find any location to a 1-square-metre accuracy on smart phones and navigation systems. Each Makani number is unique and there is no additional information like symbols or names required to find directions for a particular location, which makes it ideal for a multicultural city like Dubai.

What is the number and how can it help you in life-and-death situations? Here is all you need to know about the Makani system!

Makani - Smart initiative, makes your life simpler!
▪️    Introduced by the Dubai Municipality in 2015
▪️    Complements the traditional address system 
▪️    Making Dubai one of the smartest cities in the world
▪️    Smart addressing system in Dubai makes it easy for residents and visitors 
▪️    To find any location (whether it be a mall, hospital, residential building or park)

For those wondering - What is Makani in the UAE?
The Makani system is part of the official addressing system in each emirate where it is implemented and will be used by all government organizations, police authorities and ambulance services. It uses the geo-tagging to locate the entrance to any building on interactive maps, was later adopted by other emirates such as Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. 

How does it work?
Using the free Makani smartphone app, Dubai Municipality’s Makani (My Location) assigns a 10-digit number to every building in Dubai on a digital map and guides users to the location.

All of the completed properties in Dubai and the other above-mentioned emirates have a unique 10-digit number posted on the facade, that number is known as their Makani number. We’re talking hospitals, villas, high-rise buildings and even giant-sized landmarks like Dubai Mall.

Why do you need it?
These are some of the different services that may ask for your Makani number:
▪️    In case of an emergency
▪️    Register for help with the police
▪️    To book a taxi

Purpose of Makani Number
Makani means, my location in English and the system consists of 10-digit numbers called ‘Makani Numbers’. The main purpose of creating this system is to make it easy for anyone to find places and navigate around the emirates using electronic maps on smart phones, tablets, computers and navigation systems.

Makani number for flats & villas
If you live in an apartment, your Makani number will reflect the building’s main entrance. You can find the Makani number at the entrance of your lobby. If you live in a villa, the residential unit will have its own Makani number, which should be listed on a plate at the entrance.
Note: Building entrances have the Makani number displayed on a plate and if you are unable to locate it, simply ask the security or reception for the 10-digit number.

You can do it in the following ways, to find your Makani number:
▪️    Website
▪️    Smartphone app

▪️    Search for your address by typing in the location in the search bar
▪️    Click on the – Location button, for the website to access your device’s location. 
▪️    The system will track your location. 
▪️    Click and hold the area, if you wish to select a particular plot or building on the map 
▪️    The website will display the 10-digit Makani number.

Smartphone app
▪️    Go to your Mobile App Store.
▪️    Search for the ‘Makani’ app by Dubai Municipality. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.
▪️    Once you have downloaded the app, you can provide access to the app to detect your device’s location.
▪️    Tap and hold the particular plot for which you need the Makani number.


1.  How does the Makani number help?
▪️   You can share your exact location.
▪️   You may also find other locations easily.
▪️   It’s helpful in emergency.
▪️   You can get priority service from police.

2.  How to book a taxi using Makani number?
Even for services as simple as booking a taxi, the Makani number can help you pinpoint your location with a less than one-metre accuracy. Simply enter your 10-digit makani number in the Dubai Taxi website – – and the system will immediately identify your location to book a taxi service.

3.  How can I get Makani number in Dubai?
All you need to do is to download the app or go to, insert your address in its traditional format, using area name, street number and villa or building number – it will then provide the unique 10-digit Makani number that can be used to search for specific directions in Dubai

Makani is one of the common real estate terms that all the Dubai residents should know! Tenants and homeowners can also make use of real estate apps in Dubai to renew their Ejari, access valuation services and more, by using Makani!