Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai


Pet-Friendly Communities in Dubai

Pet-Friendly Apartments
- Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
- Downtown Dubai
- Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
- Dubai Sports City
- Dubai Hills Estate

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
- Best pet-friendly neighbourhoods in Dubai.
- With countless green spaces and parks. 
- Apartments for rent in JVC are a great option for dog parents. 
- Has a good choice of pet grooming services, veterinary clinics and pet supply stores in the area, making it extremely convenient for pet parents.

Rental Cost 
- Jumeirah Village Circle’s studios average at AED 28k. 
- Larger 1 and 2-beds apartments for rent in JVC are available for average rents of AED 43k and 61k.

Are you thinking of buying a flat here? 
- Studios for sale in JVC cost an average of AED 417k.
- 1-bedroom apartments for sale in JVC can be bought at an average price of AED 653k. 
- 2-bed apartments for sale in JVC will have to shell out around AED 996k.

Downtown Dubai
- Downtown Dubai is a great place for people with small pets.
- A good option for pet lovers to live in. 
- Best options for pet-owners who rent apartments in Downtown Dubai.

- Neighbourhood is home to Burj Park, one of the dog-friendly parks in Dubai.
- Not only can you and your dog have fun-filled playtime but you can also meet other pet owners living in the vicinity. 

Rental Cost 
- Studio apartments in Downtown Dubai have an average rent of AED 56k. 
- 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai cost AED 79k on average.
- Larger 2-bedroom flats in Downtown Dubai are available for AED 123k.

Hey, are you interested in buying flats?
- Pay around AED 1.07M for studios for sale in Downtown Dubai. 
- For 1-bedroom apartments in Downtown Dubai, the average cost is AED 1.47M.

Want to buy a bigger unit? 
- 2-bedroom flats in Downtown Dubai at an average cost of AED 2.74M.

Jumeirah Lake Towers
- Great for cats as well as small to medium-sized dogs.
- Can walk in the neighbourhood.

- Jumeirah Lake Towers community has no shortage of wide, beautiful pathways around the lake where you can walk your pets. 
- JLT Dog Park is there, where your furry friends can get much-needed exercise and playtime. 
- JLT neighbourhood is still great for small dog owners as it houses plenty of grassy areas.
- With a handful of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants. 
- Several pet-grooming centres in the neighbourhood as well to bring your furry friend in for some pampering.

Flats for rent in JLT are cat friendly!!
- To rent a studio flat in JLT, you will pay an average price of AED 34k.
- Cost of renting 1-bedroom apartments in JLT averages at AED 52k. 
- Interested in larger units can expect to pay an average price of AED 75k for a spacious 2-bedroom flat for rent in JLT.

Sales Price 
- For studios in JLT stands at AED 430k.
- For 1-bed apartment for sale in JLT for an average of AED 775k. 
- For 2-bedroom flats in JLT available at AED 1.22M on average.

Dubai Sports City 
- Best for larger dogs who would benefit from being in a garden.
- Comprising of an array of apartment complexes.
- Another area to live with your pets in Dubai. 
- DSC is known primarily for sports. 
- Draw single professionals, couples and families. 

Rental Cost
- The rents of studios in Dubai Studio City average at AED 23k.
- 1-bed apartments for rent in Dubai Sports City are available at AED 34k on average.
- 2-bed flats in Dubai Sports City for around AED 48k yearly.

Looking for apartments for sale in Dubai Studio City!!
- Studios for sale in Dubai Sports City are available for AED 329k on average.
- 1 and 2-bed sale apartments in Dubai Studio City average at AED 482k and AED 750k.

Dubai Hills Estate
- Considered one of the most pet-friendly communities in Dubai. 
- Dog-friendly haven has parks and open spaces where you can walk your pooch around.

Rental Cost
- Rents for 1-bed apartments in Dubai Hills Estate average at AED 46k. 
- 2-bedroom units in Dubai Hills Estate cost AED 69k per year on average.
- Expect to pay an average of AED 610k to buy studios in Dubai Hills Estate. 
- For bigger apartments, such as 1-bed or 2-bedroom flats for sale in Dubai Hills Estate, they will pay an average of AED 908k and AED 1.44M.

Pet-Friendly Villas
Apartments are great for smaller pets, villas in Dubai are a better choice for bigger pets who need more space to move about. 
Those looking for pet-friendly neighbourhoods in Dubai with villas can consider the following options! 
- Arabian Ranches
- Dubai Hills Estate
- The Springs
- Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
- Palm Jumeirah

Arabian Ranches
- Arabian Ranches is great for all kinds of pets.
- Pet-friendly community in Dubai with large open spaces, spacious homes with private gardens and walking paths. 
- Homes in Arabian Ranches are a good option for homebuyers with dogs. 
- Most of which come with spacious gardens that are ideal for pets.
- Feature large balconies that are particularly good for sunbathing cats. 
- Outside the villas, there are parks, walkways and lakes that are perfect for walking your dog.

Rental Cost
- Rent a 3-bedroom home in Arabian Ranches for AED 145k yearly on average. 
- Large and stylish 4-bedroom villa for rent in Arabian Ranches costs around AED 257k per year. 
- Rent a 5-bedroom house in Arabian Ranches for an average price of AED 312k.

Want to buy your own villa in Arabian Ranches? 
- Sales price of Arabian Ranches villas ranges between AED 3.04M and AED 5.49M, depending on the layout.

Dubai Hills Estate
Find villas in Dubai Hills Estate in various sub-communities, including Maple, Sidra and Club Villas.

Rental Cost
- Rent 3-bed houses in Dubai Hills Estate for an average of AED 143k.
- 4 and 5-bed villas in Dubai Hills Estate average at AED 160k and AED 202k yearly.
- 3-bedroom villa in Dubai Hills Estate for an average price of AED 3.61M.

The Springs
- Great for all types of pets.
- Best areas for pet-owners in Dubai. 
- Pet stores in and around The Springs, making it one of the top pet-friendly villa communities in Dubai. 
- A fenced dog park located behind Springs 8, which is perfect to give your pooch some leash-free time!

Rental Cost
- 3-bed villas for rent in The Springs for an average price of AED 147k. 

Are you looking to buy a home here, the villas for sale in The Springs are available for an average of AED 2.69M and AED 3.18M for 3 and 4-bedroom unit.

Pet-owners can consider other communities within the Emirates Living Development, such as:
1. The Meadows
2. The Lakes 
3. Emirates Hills

Jumeirah Village Circle
- Best for medium to large-sized dogs.
- Pet-friendly neighbourhood to rent or buy villas in Dubai. 

Rental Cost
- You can rent a 3-bed house in JVC at an average price of AED 104k, while a spacious, 4-bed villa will cost you around AED 116k annually.
- 3, 4 or 5-bed villas in JVC; 3-bed homes have an average asking price of AED 2.02M.
- 5-bed homes for sale are available for around AED 2.94M.

Palm Jumeirah
- Living with your furry friend on the beachside in Palm Jumeirah is a pet parent’s ultimate dream.
- Gorgeous man-made island offers both pet-friendly apartments and villas in Dubai.
- Wide stretches of sandy beaches, such as the Palm West Beach, that are excellent spots for walking your dogs – big or small. 

Other Places to Take Your Pets
- Al Ittihad Park
- Vista Mare 

Property Cost
- Property prices on this luxurious island tend to be on the higher side, with a 3-bedroom villa in Palm Jumeirah averaging at AED 9.77M. 
- For those looking at bigger units such as 4 and 5-bedroom villas, these units cost around AED 13.47M and AED 19.41M, respectively.
- Tenants looking to rent homes in Palm Jumeirah can expect to pay an average price of AED 725k per year for 4-bedroom villas in Palm Jumeirah. 
- More luxurious 5-bedroom villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah cost around AED 971k annually.

Other pet-friendly communities in Dubai

Popular communities include:
1. The Lakes
2. The Meadows
3. Jumeirah Park
4. Jumeirah Village Triangle
5. Jumeirah Islands

For tenants!!
- It is important to remember that though these residential districts are ideal for pet owners, a lot of the rules related to bringing pets into individual properties are at the landlord’s discretion. 
- Dog-owners may be required to dog-proof the home before moving in some cases.
- Developer’s rules about which types of pets are allowed in the community, whether you’re renting or buying a property.


1. Are there any pet adoption centres in Dubai?
There are plenty of pet adoption centres in Dubai that do great work.

2. Name some various popular pet-friendly cafes in Dubai?
Apart from The Cycle Bistro, Single Fin Cafe and ILLAGO by Chef Andrea, there are various popular pet-friendly cafes in Dubai.