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Highlights of Akoya Oxygen
▪️  A project of DAMAC Properties set around a Tiger Woods Design golf course
▪️  Considered as, one of the best villa communities in Dubai
▪️  Featuring more than 10,000 villas & 1,200 apartments
▪️  Surrounded by beautifully landscaped streets and parks
▪️  The Master Development Of Akoya Oxygen preferred for its quality of life &  affordability

Property for rent in Akoya oxygen for you!!
▪️  From a point of view of residence, the property is situated in UAE’s Dubailand area. 
▪️  One of its key traits is that, the property has access to four of the biggest highways of UAE. 
▪️  The Mall of the Emirates is also nearby. 
▪️  Several essential business hubs of Dubai including:
1. Media City
2. Internet City 
3. Barsha Heights 

Low rental prices at Akoya Oxygen 
▪️  The rental prices may attracts lots of tenants seeking a peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
▪️  Apartments in Akoya Oxygen range from 425 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. 
▪️  You will get a fair value for your money here for apartments 
▪️  Villas & townhouses in Akoya Oxygen offer all the modern amenities with the reasonable rental prices. 

Akoya Oxygen - Self-sustained community in Dubai 
▪️  Akoya Oxygen is set around the prestigious Trump World Golf Club. 
▪️  Sets the tone for a relaxed and comfortable life, focusing on a green lifestyle
▪️  Clusters of homes surrounded by beautifully landscaped streets and parks 

Switch to a eco-friendly lifestyle!
▪️  Renting a villa in Akoya Oxygen or even a cosy apartment or townhouse is a good idea, if you are looking for a peaceful privacy!! 
▪️  The community is lavished with numerous parks and lush greenery 
▪️  Community includes a desert-inspired luxury spa, a ‘tropical rainforest’, and many other resort-style amenities.
▪️  Residents and visitors can explore the community via abra or monorail, and waterways flow amongst buildings and meander through the Trump World Golf Club Dubai, connecting the community.

Rent Rates in Akoya
▪️  A total of 26 clusters 
▪️  Each sub-community has a comprehensive collection of apartments, villas and townhouses for rent in Akoya Oxygen.

The Best Deal -Villa Clusters & Town houses In Akoya Oxygen

AKOYA offers a collection of luxury homes in a variety of villa arrangements in:
*Aknan Villas

Akoya Oxygen Vardon Cluster 
▪️  The master planned Vardon Cluster in Dubai
▪️  Most desired destination 
▪️  Offers plots, luxury villas and townhouses
▪️  Villa types V2, in a tranquil peace of living amidst greenery and seclusion. 
▪️  Located near the Trump World Golf Club

Investors have a chance to buy a plot of land with suitable sizes 
Available up to 3465.98 or independent and semi-detached luxury villas with dedicated spaces for world-class amenities at low rentals:
▪️  Townhouses in different sizes from 2998.72 SQFT to 2998.72 sqft 
▪️  The average rent for a 3-bed villa in Vardon is AED 44k.
▪️  People prefer renting in Akoya Oxygen because it offers sustainable living and at the same time, all the necessary modern amenities with community pools along with water play fountains. 
▪️  You can rent a 3-bed townhouse in Vardon for as low as AED 45k, for those looking to rent family homes in the area.

▪️  Next to the Umm Suqeim Expressway

Akoya Oxygen Claret Cluster 
▪️  Offers plots, luxury villas and townhouses. 
▪️  Villa types R2-EM, R2-M1, R3-M, RH-M-3, V-3
▪️  Gives investors the chance to buy a plot of land, sizes available up to 4580.08 
▪️  Independent, semi-detached luxury villas & townhouses in different sizes from 1830 sqft to 4201 sqft within the master-development. 

Rental Rates 
▪️  To rent a 3-bed villa in Claret, you would likely be paying roughly AED 63k. 
▪️  The rent increases from AED 75k to 77k for 4 and 5-bed villas. 
▪️  Renting a 6-bed villa in Claret costs around AED 120k 
▪️  Renting a 3-bed townhouse may costs AED 60k on average, while for a 4-bed townhouse in Claret increases to AED 78k. 
▪️  For a larger 5-bed townhouse, the average rent is AED 82k.

▪️  Next to the Umm Suqeim Expressway

Aknan Villas 
▪️  A beautifully crafted and designed to evoke desire, offering three-bedroom arrangements
▪️  Wide open spaces are designed for comfort and luxury
▪️  All Aknan Villas benefit from the world-class facilities 

Facilities & Rental Rates 
▪️  At Aknan Villas, you will find spacious 3-bed units with spacious kitchens, attractive gardens, and open parking areas.
▪️  They also bring you access to the first-rate fitness, leisure and self-care amenities offered at Akoya Oxygen.
▪️  Residents have access to pools, community lawns and a desert-inspired yoga and spa centre. The average rent for 3-bed houses in Aknan Villas is AED 55k.

Akoya Oxygen Pacifica Cluster
▪️  Villa types are X-R2M14, XU-AB, located just off Umm Suqeim freeway (D63)
▪️  Home to the Trump World Golf Club
▪️  Another popular community for renting villas in Akoya Oxygen. 

Facilities & Rental Rates 
Residents can make use of the community clubhouse, visit the skydome, and spend quality time around the man-made lakes in the area. 
▪️  For a 4-bed villa, the average rent increases to AED 79k , with dedicated spaces and world-class amenities.
▪️  The average rent of a 3-bed villa in Pacifica is AED 64k
▪️  For a 2-bed townhouse for rent in Pacifica, the annual rent is AED 55k. Whereas, for a 3-bed townhouse, the rate goes up to AED 67k.
▪️  This area might be your most preferred option, if you love playing golf. One of the best golf courses in Dubai, The Trump World Golf Club, is located in Pacifica.

▪️  Just 25 minutes far from the centre of the city next to the Umm Suqeim Expressway

Akoya Oxygen Juniper Cluster
▪️  There are plenty of villas up for rent in Juniper. 
▪️  Rated as one of the most scenic neighbourhoods in Dubai
▪️  Offers plots, luxury villas and townhouses with dedicated spaces for world-class amenities
▪️  Villa types are R2-EM, R3-M, RH-M-3, RH-M4, V2, V3 
▪️  Size range from 1768.4 SQFT to 4055.73 SQFT
▪️  Juniper Cluster is just 25 minutes far from the centre of the city next to the Umm Suqeim Expressway

▪️  You can rent a 3-bed villa in Juniper for AED 61k, on average. 
▪️  The rent rates may jumps to AED 84k, AED 78k &AED 119k  for 4,5 and 6 bedroom villas 
▪️  To rent a 3-bed townhouse in Juniper, you need to pay roughly around AED 60k. 
▪️  Rent may get increased from AED 76k and above for 4 and 5-bed townhouses.

Akoya Oxygen Sanctnary Cluster
▪️  Dubai’s most desired destination
▪️  Akoya Oxygen which offers plots, luxury villas and townhouses
▪️  XU-AB, XU-B1 villa types

Facilities & Rentals 
▪️  Cluster dotted with parks and green spaces
▪️  Suited ideally for someone who prefers an active lifestyle
▪️  A luxurious 3-bed townhouse for rent, available for AED 63k. 
▪️  The average rent increases to AED 69k for 4-bed townhouses in Sanctnary.

Rental cost for apartments in Akoya Oxygen
▪️  200 apartments are on the way with spacious 1 to 3-bed residential units 
▪️  You will pay roughly AED 53k to rent 3-bed apartments in Akoya Oxygen.

Here is the final, on our list of the top areas to rent townhouses in Akoya Oxygen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any travel or transport systems available in Akoya?
Public transport isn’t available in the area yet. However, the road network in the area is well connected to the rest of the Dubai.

2. Do investors buy the properties?
In some clusters, investors have the option to buy plots and built properties.

This completes our guide to the rent trends in Akoya Oxygen. We have raised a detailed analysis for the rental rates for different Akoya clusters!! You may search about the differences between townhouses and villas in Dubai in our handy guide. 
There are other golf communities in Dubai which offer great value for money and you may find that too!!