Renting Villa vs Townhouses in Dubai


What do I need to know before renting a villa or a townhouse in Dubai?

Know benefits & Things to consider
▪️  Rental Prices
▪️  Location
▪️  Living costs
▪️  Privacy
▪️  Parking
▪️  Amenities

Townhouses and villas are two of the most popular properties in Dubai apart from flats, but how to choose the best tenant for the rental. Now, let us learn and make a decision without making complications or making different options.
What are the most common types of residential properties in Dubai? For instance, unlike villas, townhouses (or townhomes) in Dubai share a common wall with another unit. 

Villas are mostly independent properties that means will gives you the feel of an independent house with greater privacy, which is often an important factor for those looking at more intimate family-centric units. You may also search through a wide range of palatial Villas in Arabian Ranches and elegant townhouses for renting in Akoya Oxygen. Here are the lists of factors to choose your preferences:

Rental Prices

Villas are on a higher rental bracket when compared to townhouses. According to current listings:
▪️  A 3-bedroom villa for rent in The Springs starts from AED 94.9k
▪️  3-bed townhouses for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle start at AED 75k per annum.
It is important to keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the housing community. For example, it is pertinent to note here that a villa would often cost much more expensive. Potential tenants, who are looking for budget-friendly housing, may look into the affordable villa communities in Dubai.

Another aspect to keep in mind when making the choice between renting villas vs townhouses in Dubai is the location. Most neighborhoods in the emirate offer a mix of townhouses, apartments and villas. But some areas are known to focus based on the specific buying requirements and motivations of prospective buyers and sellers. This is also more commonly found in the newer parts of Dubai. 

If we consider the Arabian Ranches, it has a larger collection of villas, with townhouses dedicated to smaller sub-communities like Reem.  The Nshama community of Town Square, on the other hand, has a sizeable inventory of townhomes and a lower number of villas 
Note: Older villa communities such as Jumeirah, Al Barsha and Al Rashidiya have a lower inventory of townhouses but the newer suburbs such as Arabian Ranches, JVC and The Springs have a mix of both. 

You may also look into neighbourhoods which offer a mix of all three property types:
▪️  Dubai Silicon Oasis
▪️  Arabian Ranches
▪️  Palm Jumeirah
Tenants who are looking or more options, take a look at the best areas to rent townhouses in Dubai with all the ideal facilities. Additionally, tenants looking exclusively for villas may consider popular villa communities in Dubai in their search for a suitable home. For a better idea of suitable locations for renting a villa vs townhouse in Dubai, You may have a look at our Area Guides for much more information for choosing the best neighbourhood. 

Preparing the budget
It’s the size that impacts living costs. You will also have to consider associated living costs that come with the territory. Attached, detached and semi-detached villas are available in Dubai, but they are larger while the townhouses share a common wall with another unit and are slightly smaller.
Villa occupies more space and will naturally need to allocate a higher budget to furnish it when you move. There are other recurring costs to consider as well. Some villas in Dubai come with swimming pools and lawns, whereas few townhouses may have that. Since the built-up area is bigger, you will also spend a higher amount for the villa. The most villa residents hire professional pool with lawn services to maintain their properties with higher cost.
The security deposit to set up a DEWA connection for a villa or townhouse is relatively the same at AED 4,000. 
Note: Villa tenants may end up paying more in water bills; hence the amount of water is needed for maintaining pools and lawns.
Prospective tenants may find that the cost to decorate, maintain, furnish and fit-out a townhouse — which has a smaller built-up area and is more affordable.

Villas offer more space and freedom to do what you would like which is a big advantage. Privacy is also an important aspect of villas. Low rise buildings, most villas and townhouses, mainly offer views of the community itself. However, villas, which are standalone units, are known to offer more privacy.

What Is A Better Option?

Determination of the Parking Place Availability is an important factor that may define your preferences of renting a villa in Dubai as compared with townhouses.
Apart from searching for expensive parking spaces, villas usually regulate an additional on-street parking. While a townhouse do feature an indoor parking and leaves less free space for outdoor parking.

Villa may be the best option
Potential tenants who own more than two private vehicles will also entertain visitors regularly. Expensive parking spaces are just one of the many advantages of renting a villa in Dubai.

Should you buy a villa community or a townhouse community?
A villa is more focused on compounds, which are less crowded, and possibly of better and has a larger private area.  Hence offer more amenities. They may also want themed lifestyle developments offering leisure facilities.
You may get a villa for rent in The Springs depending on the size of your family and personal requirements. Here, you'll find a home full of comfort and spacious in size.  Amenities include laundry facilities, nature trail with a private pool, maintenance staff and other perks.

This concludes our handy guide on renting a villa vs townhouse in Dubai. We hope our guide makes it easier for you to search a suitable rental home in the city. No matter where you relocate:
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Should you want to compare villa community with an apartment community instead? We may also have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you to arrive at a proper decision. You can discover all about life in Dubai, if you are new to the city.