Space-themed attractions at Expo 2020 Dubai


Space-themed attractions at Expo 2020 Dubai

Space Themed Displays at Expo 2020
Many countries have allocated billions of dollars for extensive missions. Expo 2020 Dubai will present an opportunity to highlight these achievements to the world. 
Expo 2020 Pavilions of many countries, including the USA, Russia and Italy, will present space-themed shows during Space Week.

Best Space Themed Displays at Expo 2020 Dubai 

Moon Rocks
- US Pavilion will display rock samples from the moon brought back to Earth by the Apollo missions. 
- NASA, the only space agency that has been able to land astronauts successfully on the moon. So these rocks are something truly unique to view up close as part of the space themes in Expo 2020. 

Chess Set For Space 
- Board’s unique design, including the pegs and grooves that helped keep the pieces still in zero-gravity.

Spacex Rocket Model
- Replica of the Spacex Rocket will be presented at Expo 2020 during the world fair. 
- Standing almost 43 metres tall, it truly is a sight to behold. 
- Rocket has been used for three missions so far. 
- Fascination of astrometiriphiles for such unique space-themed displays at Expo 2020 Dubai is completely understandable. 

Replica Of Mars Rovers
- Space-themed displays at Expo 2020 Dubai that will likely generate a lot of buzz.
- US pavilion will present a replica of NASA’s robotic vehicles – Mars rovers.

Mars Rovers 
1. Vehicles are specially designed with wheels to move around on the surface of the Red Planet. 
2. High-tech rover, which perhaps will be the transportation of the future. 

Robotic Arm 
- Manufactured by Italian aerospace company Leonardo for the second ExoMars 2020 mission will be revealed during the event. - Scheduled to take off for the Red Planet in 2022.
- Can drill as far as two metres into the surface to search for signs of life.

The Mars Corridor
- Space-themed displays at Expo 2020 Dubai is “The Mars Corridor.” 
- Exhibit will celebrate the Emirati achievement in space, including the journey of Hope Probe. 
- visitors can see data received from the spacecraft. 
- Students and astrometiriphiles will be able to develop space plans.  

First Satellite in Space
1. The Russian pavilion will celebrate its legacy of space exploration by presenting a replica of the first satellite in space, Sputnik.
2. Given the country’s achievement, you will likely see a lot more space-themed displays at their pavilion.  

UAE Space Programme 
- World’s largest 360° projection screen, “Al Wasl Dome,” will be playing a space-themed show about the Mars Hope Probe, the UAE space programme and more. 
- Wonderful learning experience for kids and adults interested in space exploration.

Visits From Astronauts
- Might be a valuable experience if your child is interested in space studies. 
- Emirati astronauts will be visiting the Expo site. 
- Good chance foreign astronauts will be part of the event to share their stories. 
- Might be the beginning of the journey for future astronauts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the event starts?
The event will take place from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.