Stunning Arena - Located in the heart of Dubai Festival City


Stunning Arena - Located in the heart of Dubai Festival City

▪️   Dubai is called a melting pot of cultures. A countless number of festivals are held here throughout the year. 
▪️   From celebrating jazz music to appreciating independent movies, this contemporary metropolis promotes all kinds of entertainment and recreational activities. 
▪️   To host these spectacular festivals and shows, the city has venues like:
*   Dubai Festival Arena by InterContinental, a versatile, world class, event space.

Events in Festival Arena, Dubai
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▪️   Facilities
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Know about Dubai Festival Arena 
▪️   One of the most vibrant venues to host corporate, social and private events.
▪️   The unmatched service of InterContinental sets it apart from its rivals. 
▪️   The stunning arena is located amidst the tranquil landscape of what used to be the Al Badia Golf Club, offering uninterrupted views of Dubai’s mesmerising skyline.
▪️   Boasts over 5,000 square metres of pillar-free indoor space. 
▪️   Other areas include a 1,000 square metre pre-function hall 
▪️   A spacious outdoor terrace area with over 1,500 free parking spaces for visitors. 

The Main Hall
▪️   The Main Hall lies in the centre of the arena. 
▪️   Massive 5,000 square metres hall offers a pillar-free indoor space ideal for concerts
▪️   Thrilling Music festivals and other large-scale events.

Live Concert 
▪️   Perfect location for concerts and musical events 
▪️   The main hall is a multi-functional space capable of catering to any event. 
▪️   The arena has carpeted, air-conditioned prayer rooms fully equipped with ablution units. 

▪️   The facility features 48 luxury toilet cubicles 
▪️   A common vanity area, with special needs toilets also available. 
▪️   Nursing mothers have access to changing rooms as well.
▪️   Has multiple entrances 
▪️   Exit points that includes 3 sets of sliding doors at the main entrance, 4 sets of double doors at the pre-function hall and 12 fire exit doors.

Other Striking Features of the Arena
▪️   Include the 1,000 square metre pre-function halls.
▪️   The 2,200 square metres outdoor terrace.
▪️   Areas represent the ideal settings for various events
▪️   The outdoor terrace in particular, is perfect for outdoor weddings.

Dubai Arena at Dubai Festival City during a banquet
▪️   The venue can hold several guests in varying seating formats 
▪️   The arena comes with two luxuriously furnished VIP lounges. 
▪️   The lounges have private arrival access for special guests 
▪️   Used as green rooms or majlis. 
▪️   The Hollywood style vanity bathrooms with showers is another reason why the arena is popular amongst event organisers.

The Wi-Fi at Dubai Festival Arena
▪️   Guests will have access to free Wi-Fi. 
▪️   The Wi-Fi at Dubai Festival Arena can cater to 2500 guests.

Free car park 
▪️   With a parking capacity for 1,500 vehicles
▪️   1,220 regular parking spots 
▪️   280 VIP parking spots with self-parking

Golf Cart
A complimentary golf cart transfer is available for guests to travel between parking areas and hall entrances.

Other Highlighting Features
▪️   Dubai Festival Arena wedding decor 

The venue can be decorated and customised in countless ways. 
Besides the aforementioned facilities, the venue also offers other amenities that include:
▪️   Production and crew office
▪️   Production kitchen
▪️   Branding and advertising facility
▪️   Loading bay


1.  How to reach the Dubai Arena?
Besides driving there or taking a taxi, you can reach the arena via the RTA bus. There are several options for travellers here. RTA Bus F08, 24, 43, 44, 53, 64A, 4 and 32C have bus stops near the arena.

2.  How to contact for further bookings to host various events?
For more information and bookings please contact: +971-4-701-1098, or email:

3.  What are the other dynamic event venues in the emirate.?
▪️   The Dubai Media City Amphitheatre is another great venue for outdoor events and festivities. 
▪️   The Coca Cola Arena also plays hosts to numerous events and concerts.
▪️   The Etihad Arena is one of the best venues in Abu Dhabi.