The Al Wathba Fossil Dunes, Abu Dhabi


The Al Wathba Fossil Dunes, Abu Dhabi

Grab your cameras or smartphones! Click away the interesting patterns look absolutely spectacular - The Al Wathba Fossil Dunes.

- Position
- A Description on Fossil Dunes
- Activities to do in Fossil Dunes

- Fossil Dunes are located in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi.
- Close to the Al Dhafra Military Air Base. 

Spot Highlights 
- 40 minutes to drive from the Abu Dhabi International Airport to the fossil dunes via the E11 and E30 highways. 
- Dunes are located slightly off-road and are very tall, especially from the distance. 
- Not easy to find them and essential to follow the google coordinates. 
- Do not require a 4x4 car to visit. 
- Camping is allowed, as long as you do not leave any garbage behind.

Description on Fossil dunes
- Full of amazing natural scenery in Abu Dhabi.

Fossil Dunes with The Best
1. Abu Dhabi’s Fossil Dunes are completely natural.
2. Created by a mix of wind, sand and time.
3. Formations are made by wind-swept sand 

How are they?
- The formations are made by wind-swept sand that when permeated with calcium carbonate start to harden and form distinct, varied and abstract structures.
- Each Fossil Dune will change over time and no two formations are ever the same. 
- Fossils take centuries to form after an organism is buried into the earth and subjected to heat and pressure. 

Experts View
- Formation of the fossil dunes in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi can be forming from the sediments that settled on the bottom when the entire region was underwater millions of years ago.
- Sediments were held together by minerals (mostly salt crystals). 
- Wind and the calcium carbonate in the atmosphere worked to create these interesting formations and shapes.
- Each dune pattern is unique, owing to the different directions of wind in the UAE.

Activities to do in Fossil Dunes
- Visit the area in a 4×4 due to traverse through the rough terrain. 
- With other vehicles, it’s best to park aside and walk towards the fossil dunes.
- Visiting the Al Wathba Fossil Dunes in Abu Dhabi is a great photo walk. 

Best time to visit Al Wathba fossil dunes
- October to February (unless you can handle the summer heat). 
- Visitors usually camp until the early mornings or have picnics in the evenings. 

- Spot is completely free.
- Visitors are asked to be responsible and not cause any damage or leave litter on the site.
- Treat the spot with respect and it will be there to enjoy for many years to come and for many others to explore themselves


1. What are the other popular places to visit in Al Wathba?
Al Wathba Desert, Al Wathba Wetland Reserve in Abu Dhabi and the Al Wathba Salt Lake. 

2. Where can I camp overnight in UAE?
Al Qudra Lakes are the best spots for camping in Dubai. The very popular destinations among tourists are the Banan Beach, Acacia Forest, Liwa, White Sands Beach, Arabian Dreams Desert Camp, Umm Al Quwain Beach, Fujairah Beach.