The Best Attractions in the UAE for Animal Lovers


The Best Attractions in the UAE for Animal Lovers 
Here are all the best places to see animals in the UAE to get up close and personal with creatures of the wild! 

- Abu Dhabi
- Dubai
- Sharjah
- Ajman
- Umm Al Quwain
- Ras Al Khaimah

Emirates Park Zoo
- Over 1700 animals at Emirates Park Zoo.
- Housed into different zones. 

Keep an eye on!
- Visit the Primate Paradise to meet the cheeky monkeys or observe the Nile crocodiles lazing away in their pool. 
- Explore at the camel farm, a giraffe park, the equine enclosure and much more in the UAE.

Al Ain Zoo
- One of the most popular animal attractions in the UAE. 
- Home to more than 200 species of animals that include reptiles, mammals and birds.
- 4,000 animals that live in the zoo are provided with living conditions that mirror their natural habitats. 
- Offers fantastic experiences for visitors as well.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
- Primarily a veterinary hospital for birds, the facility 
- Offers guided tours for visitors that help them learn about falconry in the UAE. 
- Observe incredible birds up close, learn about their diets, hunting skills and importance in UAE culture. 

Petting Zoos
Looking for domestic animals in the UAE?
Petting zoos in Abu Dhabi are a good place to start. 

Green Planet 
You’re in for a unique experience at Green Planet.
- A tropical rainforest in the desert at Green Planet Dubai. 
- Preserved in a biodome.
- Man-made rainforest is one of the best animal attractions in the UAE.
- More than 3,000 species of flora and fauna.
- From snorkelling with the piranhas to meeting sugar gliders, sloths and other tropical birds and animals 

Dubai Safari Park
You can see animals that live in the UAE in The Arabian Village.
- Sectioned into four wildlife villages. 
- African Village houses elephants, lions and giraffes. Tigers, moon bears and gibbons can be found in the Asian Village. 
- Grand Aviary at the facility as well, where native and exotic birds reside.
- Explorer Village offers the African-style open safari experience for visitors as they venture out in search of cheetahs, nilgai, nubai ibex and other animals in the village.
- Has a Kid’s Farm and a bunch of fun activities for everyone.

Dubai Dolphinarium 
Watch the dolphins deliver an action-packed performance as they jump through hoops, dance, play ball, sing and juggle in the main pool!

The Atlantis 
- Offers two amazing animal places in the UAE. 
- More than 65,000 marine animals including stingrays and sharks. 
- Offers snorkelling and diving experiences, along with a chance to feed the predators.
- Dolphin Bay Atlantis Aqua venture is a great place to visit for dolphin encounters. 

Ski Dubai 
- Home to two species of penguins and you get a chance to meet.
- Interact with the fascinating birds for a starting price of AED 230 per person. 

Sharjah Desert Park
- Animal attraction in the UAE.
- Home to a gorgeous botanical garden, a proper petting farm and a breeding facility for rare desert animals rescued from their endangered habitats. 
- Arabia’s Wildlife Centre, a part of the Sharjah Desert Park facility houses various avian, nocturnal, reptile and mammal species of UAE animals (Arabian wolves, honey badgers, puffer snakes, houbara bustards and the rare Arabian leopards)  

Kalba Bird of Prey Centre 
- One of the top animal attractions in the UAE.
- Providing its visitors with the chance to learn about the majestic birds of prey found in the country. 
- Home to various species of falcons, eagles, vultures, hawks and owls.
- Get a chance to watch the birds live in action as they take flight and hunt. 

Sharjah Aquarium
- Located in Al Khan.
- More than 150 species of marine life that dwell in the Arabian Gulf waters. 
- Watch the fascinating sea population in their habitats that range from dense mangroves to colourful coral reefs. 
- Sight delicate seahorses, docile reef sharks, beautiful clownfish and elusive moray eels among other creatures.  

UAE Pygmy Zoo
- One of the newest places for animals in the UAE is the pygmy zoo in Ajman.
- Home to various reptile, mammal and bird species (llamas, emus, deer, macaws and ostriches)
- Most adorable residents here are the pygmy goats and cute little pups. 
- Pony and camel rides are available for kids at the UAE Pygmy Zoo in Ajman. 

Zoo Wildlife Park
- Great place to see wild animals in the UAE. 
- Make friends with Abooba the orangutan, watch the resident brown bear laze around his pen.
- Get mesmerised by the majestic big cats, including lynx, tigers, leopards and lions. 
- Has a population of Arabian oryx, vultures and hyenas.
- Domesticated cats and playful bunnies are a popular attraction for kids as well. 

Rak Zoo
- Home to around 40 animal species, including some of the endangered ones. 
- Get a chance to meet the big cats, including cheetahs, golden tigers, black panthers and the rare white lions. 
- Arabian and gray wolves, rare antelopes, deer species, crocodiles and the friendly chimpanzees are the prominent animal species.
- Has an equestrian club where ladies and children can enjoy horse riding.

1. Which is the famous zoo in UAE?
Al Ain Zoo

2. Where can we see animals in Dubai?
Dubai Safari Park.
The Green Planet.
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.
The Lost Chamber Aquarium.
Turtle rehabilitation sanctuary.
Dubai Butterfly Garden.

3. What is the national animal of Dubai?
Arabian oryx

4. How long is Dubai Safari?
5 hours 

6. Are There Bears in the UAE?
There are no bear species native to the country, but you can find bears in some of the zoos across the UAE.

7. Are There Any Butterfly Gardens in the UAE?
There are two places where you can observe a variety of them. One is the Dubai Butterfly Garden – this seasonal animal attraction in the UAE is home to 15,000 butterflies of more than 50 different species. Another butterfly garden in the UAE can be found inside is Al Noor Island in Sharjah.