The Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai


The Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is a famous holiday spot, a home to some of the leading tourist attractions in the UAE.
▪️   Famous Landmarks
▪️   Theme Parks and Beaches
▪️   Shopping, Dining & Cultural Attractions
▪️   Seasonal Attractions
▪️   FAQs

Tourists come from different parts of the world to have a great time amidst the glitz and glam of this fascinating city. From engineering marvels such as Palm Jumeirah to glamourous shopping destinations and places with rich cultural history, the multitude of Dubai tourist attractions offer visitors the complete package. There are many things to do in Dubai, here’s a list of the major tourist attractions in Dubai.

1.  Famous Landmarks
These landmarks are some of the best tourist attractions in Dubai:
Dubai’s major point of interest!

Burj Khalifa
▪️   Standing tall in all its grandeur
▪️   A popular Dubai tourist attraction
▪️   Stands at 829.8 metres
▪️   Offering you staggering views of the city across the beautiful skyline
▪️   A Must-visit place for every tourist in Dubai.

Highlighting Feature
▪️   View from the At the Top Burj Khalifa is the most popular tourist attraction in the area.
▪️   Other interesting things to do in Burj Khalifa.
▪️   You can dine to your heart’s content at some of the city’s most luxurious restaurants.
▪️   Relax at the Burj Club before enjoying a trip to the observation decks. Located on the 124th, 125th and 148th floor here. 

Palm Jumeirah 
▪️   Palm Jumeirah lined with different buildings and restaurants
▪️   Sun, sand, clear water and blue skies and offers you a wholesome tourist experience

Highlighting Feature
▪️   The man-made island of Palm Jumeirah is a favourite with tourists. 
▪️   The palm tree-shaped, artificial archipelago is home to a host of glitzy hotels, a popular new mall, hundreds of restaurants, and apartment towers in the city.
▪️   The island also has some most luxurious resorts, with Atlantis The Palm and Jumeirah Zabeel Saray being two of the most popular.

Other interesting things to do at Palm Jumeriah:
▪️   You may sail around the island in a yacht or a speedboat.
▪️   Relax at hotels or skydive from up on high.

The Palm Fountain 
▪️   Located at The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah.
▪️   The Palm Fountain is now the largest dancing fountain in the world.
▪️   It spans over an area of 14,000 sq.ft.
▪️   It is a spectacle to watch with the dancing colourful lights and water. 
▪️   The Palm Fountain is divided into two parts that create a mirror image on either side of The Pointe promenade. 
▪️   You may get into some of the restaurants with Palm Fountain views to witness the best of it.

Dubai Fountain
▪️   Dubai Fountain is popular with tourists visiting the city.
▪️   Situated overlooking the Burj Khalifa.
▪️   World’s second largest musical fountain.
▪️   Inspired by the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Highlighting Feature
▪️   One of the must-visit places in Dubai, the fountain is choreographed to the tunes of some of the most recognisable musical songs of the last 50 years, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  

Dubai Frame
▪️   This iconic landmark offers the ideal vantage point to visually experience the modern high rises of New Dubai and the quaint charm of Old Dubai, with its glittering souks and winding alleyways.
The Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park in Dubai
Construction - The Frame is ideally located to provide views of both sides of Dubai and comes with an exciting glass footbridge, from where you can see the magnificent sights of the city. You can easily plan a trip to the Dubai Frame even if you don’t drive, because it’s one of the attractions in Dubai near the metro. 

2.  Theme Parks and Beaches
Some fun, easy-going destinations for your visit to Dubai!
Dubai Parks and Resorts
Enjoy a trip to Dubai Parks and Resorts, a place where all your whims and fantasies are rolled together, offering you endless fun! 

▪️   It is home to the Hollywood-themed park Motiongate
▪️   The highly interactive Legoland and Legoland Water Park and the iconic Bollywood Parks, which pay homage to the vibrant and colourful Indian film industry. 
▪️   Offering a combination of fun, music, food and entertainment, this amusement park is also home to Riverland – the only free theme park in Dubai.

Ski Dubai 
▪️   One of the most popular Dubai tourist attractions!
▪️   One-of-a-kind winter wonderland that brings sub-zero temperatures to the desert. 
▪️   Experience the thrill of skiing down an 85-metre-high ski slope.
▪️   Go sledging in the snow park.
▪️   Meet the resident penguins or simply sign up to learn how to ski – there is plenty for you to do at Ski Dubai located in the Mall of the Emirates.

Jumeirah Public Beach 
▪️   Favoured by both locals and tourists. 
▪️   May swim, skate and run along on the long stretch of sand for free at Jumeirah Public Beach in Dubai! 
▪️   Enjoy the sun, sand and sea this is one of the best tourist attractions in Dubai, where guests can indulge in beachside fun on a budget.

Several restaurants and shops near the beach:
▪️   Bu Qtair
▪️   JJ Chicken 
▪️   Fili Cafe 

Other than the Jumeirah Public Beach, there are several beaches in Dubai where tourists can enjoy some quality family time. Some of these beaches also offer a slew of interesting water sports activities for tourists in Dubai. 

Dubai Safari Park 
▪️   One of the most highly-anticipated Dubai tourist attractions.
▪️   Finally re-opened its gates to visitors in October 2020. 
▪️   Property spread over 119 hectares.
▪️   Spread with verdant landscaping and beautiful lakes.
▪️   Area is sectioned into four villages, each with a unique topography
▪️   Suited to the animal species living there. 

The Dubai Safari Park is home to more than 3,000 species of mammal, amphibians, birds and invertebrates.

Wild Wadi Waterpark 
▪️   Situated close to the stunning Burj Al Arab hotel.
▪️   It offers a variety of water attractions for the entire family. 
▪️   Include the fun-filled activities like racing waterslides, tubing in artificial rivers and splashing in the wave pool.

3.   Shopping, Dining & Cultural Attractions
▪️   La Mer and Bluewater’s Island show case the trendy and happening dining spots.
▪️   Charming destinations such as Al Seef and The Yard capture the heart-warming, family-friendly vibe of the emirate. 

Dubai Mall 
▪️   Dubai Mall is an important part of Dubai sightseeing plan and designed for shopaholics.
▪️   Epitomising the opulence and grandeur this city is known for; The Dubai Mall is also one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. 
▪️   From high-end stores to an Olympic-sized ice rink, the mall truly has it all.
▪️   Find exclusive brands, famous restaurants and entertainment venues – all under one roof.
▪️   From one-off gems to everyday items, you can buy pretty much anything you want at Dubai Mall. 
▪️   Going above and beyond being just a shopping centre, there are several activities in Dubai Mall that seriously its many impress visitors. 

Dubai Opera 
▪️   Nestled in the picturesque community of Downtown Dubai.
▪️   It is the first performing arts theatre in the city. 
▪️   You can enjoy musical concerts, stand-up comedy shows, jazz performances and a lot more at this acclaimed cultural epicentre of the city.

Gold Souk 
▪️   Gold necklaces at a display in Dubai gold souk
▪️   The list of must-visit places in Dubai is incomplete without gold souks.

Dubai is known for - Gold Souk!
▪️   It is one of the largest gold bazaars in the world.
▪️   Located in Deira Dubai.
▪️   The Gold Souk showcases a gleaming array of beautiful gold ornaments, strings of pearls and silver-encrusted gems.
▪️   The gold available in Dubai is well known for its high quality. DUBAI MUSEUM

Dubai Museum 
▪️   Dubai Museum is among the top Dubai tourist spots.
▪️   Set inside the Al Fahidi Fort.
▪️   The Dubai Museum has earlier served as a home to the ruling family of the city.
▪️   Built out of coral blocks, wooden poles and palm fronds.
▪️   The Dubai Museum is one of the top cultural attractions in Dubai.

▪️   The Museum showcases a variety of fascinating artefacts and objects that reflect different events in the emirate’s history. 
▪️   Apart from old maps, you can find boats and palm-leaf houses with Emirati wind-towers in the courtyard.

Dubai Creek 
▪️   Dubai Creek has been a witness to the city’s boom.
▪️   It lies at the juncture of two towns, Deira in the north and Bur Dubai in the south. 
▪️   One of the iconic attractions in the city
▪️   Creek Park is the perfect place to experience the stunning sights of the Dubai Creek in all its glory. 
▪️   Take a ride around the city from the creek. The abra ride costs just AED 1.

Dinner cruise in Dubai
▪️   Amidst the gleaming lights and beautiful sea, have a great dining experience in Dubai.

The best dinner cruises in Dubai include:
▪️   Xclusive
▪️   The Bateaux Dubai 
▪️   Alexandra Dhow Cruise

Most Popular Seasonal Tourist Attractions in Dubai 

Dubai Garden Glow 
▪️   Located in Zabeel Park close to The Dubai Frame.
▪️   One of the best places to visit at night in Dubai. 
▪️   A huge attraction for young children.
▪️   Park comes alive with glowing animals, arts and other attractions.

▪️   The Dubai Garden Glow is a thematic garden which seamlessly blends creativity, skill and art. 
▪️   This family-friendly park spans 40 acres of land.
▪️   It is largest glow park in the world. This emporium of illumination is usually open for six months every year.

Global Village 
▪️   Another excellent tourist spot in Dubai is the Global Village.
▪️   Open only six months during the year.
▪️   This fantastic attraction brings you experiences from all over the world.
▪️   Indulge in some Turkish ice cream, get a taste of the sweet Emirati luqaimat.
▪️   There’s plenty to shop too. From jewellery and leather jackets to handmade baskets and organic products.
▪️   Each country’s pavilion brings in something unique for you to buy. 

Dubai Miracle Garden 
▪️   A floral extravaganza.
▪️   One of the top winter attractions in Dubai.
▪️   Garden features unique 3D and 2D floral arrangements.
▪️   Attracts over millions of visitors every year who flock to see its award-winning installations. 
▪️   The most notable of these is the Emirates Airbus A380, which was recognised as the largest floral installation in 2016 by the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Dubai Butterfly Garden 
This is a home to over 15,000 types of butterflies. 


1.  What are the upcoming tourist spots to set in Dubai?
There are many new tourist spots in Dubai set to open in the near future. These include:
▪️   Ain Dubai
▪️   Madame Tussauds
▪️   Museum of the Future
▪️   Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

2.  What can you do in Dubai for cheap?
There are plenty of free things to do in Dubai. You can visit one of the public beaches, watch the flamingos in Ras Al Khor, take a stroll around JBR The Walk or visit the art galleries in Alserkal Avenue.