The Main Expo Dubai 2020 Pavilions


The Main Expo Dubai 2020 Pavilions
All the preparations around the event have gained greater momentum with barely two months to go before the start of the Expo 2020 Dubai.
- More than 190 countries are taking part in the Expo
Visitors can look forward to an enormous range of Expo 2020 pavilions beautifully combining:
1. Creativity
2. Inspiration
3. Architectural Genius
Pavilions Opportunity
One of the three themes of Expo 2020. It’s specifically based around unleashing natural talent to be effective agents of change – countries that focus on channelising aspirations to shape a better tomorrow.
UAE-Pavilion Expo 2020
- The best Expo 2020 pavilions with the UAE pavilion designed by the distinguished architect Santiago Calatrava.
1. Inspired by the UAE’s national bird – the falcon – in flight.
2. Spread across 15,000 sq.
“Wings” that move up and down to yield sustainable energy.
Inside the UAE Expo 2020 Pavilion
- Experience the rich cultural heritage of the country as well as the aspiring future plans of the UAE.
- Journey through the UAE’s endeavours to create a futuristic, progressive and peaceful society.
- Pavilion will look over the impressive Al Wasl Plaza.
- The Chinese pavilion in Expo 2020 is modelled like the traditional Chinese lantern.
- Built from eco-friendly materials using innovative modern techniques.
1. Combines elements of China’s incredible past.
2. Imposing future into spectacular displays of achievement.
Prominent Displays
- Exterior wall of the lantern-shaped structure.
- Engineered to showcase China’s innovative movable-type printing invention.
UK-Pavilion Expo 2020
- Also called the ‘poem pavilion’ is a masterpiece by British designer and artist, Es Devlin, OBE.
1. Built to highlight the prominence of the UK’s space sector and artificial intelligence.
2. Shaped like a conch shell, this dramatic pavilion will feature a glowing LED façade.
Name as the ‘Poem Pavilion’
The UK Pavilion gets its name as the ‘poem pavilion’ by using artificial intelligence to generate poems that will form an illuminated ‘message to space’.
What’s more exciting?
Attendees who visit the pavilion will be able to contribute to these AI-generated messages.
Other Country Pavilions Themed: Opportunity
- Bahrain
- Austria
- Egypt
- Colombia
- Japan
- Italy
- Indonesia
Mobility Pavilions
- Mobility District believes in the power of networking.
- Connect with people from all over the world, learn different cultures and exchange ideas — that’s the ethos of this district.
1. Designed by Bureau Probert’s
2. Shaped like a cumulus cloud to pay an odd to the diverse Australian landscape.
3. Country act as a melting pot of different cultures and its pavilion design truly signifies that.
Australian Pavilion
- Long journey of technological advancements and modern-day discoveries.
- Showcase smart water-saving technologies.
- Host events to initiate a discussion around global challenges.
Belgium Pavilion
- Located in Mobility District at Expo 2020.
- Made in the form of a ‘green arch’ to represent the country’s equal emphasis on art and technology.
- Spans 500 sq., aimed at offering an insight into the future industrial and technological innovations of the country.
1. Feature exhibitions, a brasserie and a kiosk to offer you a fix of Belgian food.
2. Be a rooftop terrace and a lounge area to enjoy the views of the city’s landscape.
1. Designed by Pérez-Prado+Celnikier & Grabli.
2. Enjoy daily light shows, savour French gastronomy.
3. Experience the culture and art of the country.
French astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, who’s currently on Alpha Mission, will also greet participants from space!
Other Country Pavilions Theme Around: Mobility
- Hungary
- Russia
- Poland
- Ireland
- Iran
- Tanzania
- Korea
Sustainability Pavilions
The Sustainability Pavilion includes countries that take initiatives to preserve the environment using high-tech solutions.
Spain: Spanish Pavilion
1. Designed by renowned architects from Madrid, Amann-Canovas-Maruri.
2. Structured like cones.
Structure Of Cones
- Engineered to facilitate acoustic and thermal insulation.
- Constructed entirely from recyclable materials including fabric, iron and wood.
An exhibition area in the basement that will connect to the different entertainment spaces out in the open. 
The Spain pavilion Expo 2020 will also revisit the country’s Hispanic-Arab history as an ode to the “Golden Age” of ethnic and religious tolerance of circa 711-1492.
Sweden: Sweden Pavilion
1. Designed by three different Stockholm-based architects – Studio Adrien Gardere, Luigi Pardo Architetti and Alessandro Ripellino Architects.
Sweden: Nature-Inspired Expo 2020 Pavilion
- Make you feel you’re walking through the Nordic forests with intricate eastern and western influences.
- With tall posts resembling tree trunks, raised elevations inspired by tree houses and wooden lattice screens reminiscent of Islamic geometric design that create a dazzling light display.
Brazil: Brazil Pavilion EXPO 2020
Treat for anyone who loves to surround themselves with the power of Mother Nature.
One of the most immersive pavilions in Expo 2020 Dubai will be Brazil.
Collaboration between three world-renowned architecture firms – MMBB Arquitetos, Ben-Avid and JPG.ARQ.
- Made using lightweight white fabric that will double as a projection screen, which will turn the pavilion into a massive amphitheatre.
- Surrounded by a shallow water pool, which combined with immersive visuals will transport visitors to Brazil.
Other Country Pavilions Theme Around: Sustainability
- Canada
- Germany
- Cuba
- Malaysia
- New Zealand
- Singapore
- Romania
Other things to see at Expo
1. Vertical Farm
2. Rope less Elevators
3. Celebrations
Vertical Farm
* Surprises you with things you least expect.
* Plenty of food served at the event and a lot of it will be sourced from the world’s largest vertical farm.
* Collaborating with Emirates Flight Catering showcase the deliciousness of sustainable cuisine made from fresh produce grown right next door.
Rope less Elevators
* Astonished by the creativity and technology.
* Wait till you set your eyes on the world’s first ropeless elevator.
* Engineered to maximise the potential of magnetic technology.
* For the entire 151-day duration of the event.
Schedule For the Expo 2020
* Has announced 60 entertainment events to be hosted daily.
* Just one part of the grand celebrations.
* Will fall in time for Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, New Year’s Eve and the UAE National Day.
* Promise to bring action-packed celebrations and entertainment for everyone in attendance.
Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers of pavilions are there in Expo 2020?
There will be 200 pavilions in Expo 2020, out of which 191 pavilions will be representative of participating countries.