UAE Based Floating Houses: First Unit Sold for AED 20M


UAE Based Floating Houses: First Unit Sold for AED 20M 

- Two-storey house 
- Four bedrooms with attached washrooms
- Glass swimming pool
- Ample glass flooring

- Two-storey house: This two-storey floating house is equipped with four bedrooms with attached washrooms, balcony, glass swimming pool, kitchen, living room, two extra rooms for workers, and ample glass flooring.
- It's spanned over 900 sq. m in total.

- Using special hydraulic engines, the floating units can safely move from one place to another.
- Units are equipped with a self-sterilizing system in addition to a smart automated system that operates the house in full, conforming with international safety standards. 
- Floating units use solar energy and smart technologies to treat wastewater.

- Seagate Shipyard has announced the launch of the first units of its floating sea resort Neptune, becoming the first environment-friendly floating house in the world.
- Floating house was launched at Al Hamra Port in Ras Al Khaimah.
- Later settle in Jumeirah, Duba.

Main Reasons Behind Launching This Project in Dubai

Emirate's position as a:
- Major tourist destination.
- Investment destination.
- Its flexible economic policies.
- Robust infrastructure.

Points To Remember
- Project will consist of a luxury hotel of 156 suites and rooms.
- Encircled by 12 residential floating boats. 
- Remaining units of the Dh870 million project will be launched in the near future and the project will be completed in first quarter of 2023.
- First unit of Neptune was bought by Dubai-based businessman Balvinder Sahani (Abu Sabah), for Dh20 million.