Waterfront homes in Dubai


The best waterfront homes in Dubai

▪️  Dubai Marina
▪️  Palm Jumeirah
▪️  Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
▪️  Mohammad Bin Rashid City
▪️  Dubai Creek Harbour
▪️  The Lakes
▪️  Bluewaters Island
▪️  Jumeirah Bay Islands
▪️  EMAAR Beachfront
▪️  Port De La Mer

Dubai Marina

You can find several options for rent in Dubai Marina. These include:
Studios, 1-bed and 2-bed apartments with average annual rents - AED 43k, AED 65k &AED 94k 

For studio flat villas for rent in Dubai Marina to pay an average of AED 203k
AED 360k for 1-bed
AED 437k per annum for 2-bedroom flats'

Are you looking for the ocean-view homes?
You can rent a 2-bed sea view apartment in Dubai Marina. The sea view villas for rent in Dubai Marina and it may be the better option, if you plan on bringing the whole family. 

Sales Prices for Apartments 
▪️  May range from AED 671k for studios to AED 1.6M for 2-bed apartments

Sales Prices for Villas 
▪️  Competitive prices for 3-bedrooms @ AED 4.9M
▪️  AED 8M for 4-bedrooms
▪️  AED 7.9M for 5-bedrooms

Palm Jumeirah

The iconic Palm Jumeriah is one of the best for getting waterfront apartments. The man-made archipelago was the first off-shore structure of its kind in the emirate. 

Apartments for rent in Palm Jumeirah
▪️  Average at AED 58k for studios
▪️  AED 100k for 1-BHK 
▪️  AED 123k for 2-BHK flats annually

Villas for rent in Palm Jumeirah
▪️  Average at AED 224k, AED 343k and AED 444k for 3, 4 and 5-BHK homes 
▪️  AED 780k to AED 2.2M for studio flats to 2-BHK units. 

The sea view apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah 

A Splendid beachside destination!! The island offers a range of seafront homes and is also considered one of the popular areas with sea view villas in Dubai.
You can also buy a villa here for between an average of AED 5.2M to AED 16.3M.
Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) 

A chic waterfront community 
Residents have easy access to:
▪️  Jogging track
▪️  Play area for kids 
▪️  Water sports like jet-skiing and parasailing.

Rental prices
▪️  Price at an annual average of AED 49k for studio apartments
▪️  AED 69k for 1-bed
▪️  AED 88k for 2-bedroom units. 

The flats for rent in Jumeriah Beach Residence come with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and a host of desirable amenities. 
Are you looking for a permanent home in this sea front neighbourhood?? Then, You may want to check out the average prices of the apartments for sale in Jumeriah Beach Residence, ranging from AED 841k to AED 1.9M for 3 to 5-bedroom units.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City 

Mohammed Bin Rashid City is a freehold community, which means that property sales here are open to expat buyers. Residential units in this community are surrounded by green spaces.
Average rent for Apartments 
▪️  AED 47k for studio apartments 
▪️  AED 96k for more spacious units
Average rent for Villas
▪️  Tenants can expect to pay an annual average of AED 377k for 4-bed 
▪️  AED 524k for 5-bed villas here
You can find apartments for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid City which have average sales prices ranging from AED 703k to AED 1.7M for studios to 2-bed flats.

Dubai Creek Harbour

It is located at the master community of The Lagoons, which is within a short 10-minute drive from Downtown Dubai.  

Dubai Creek Residences
▪️  an apartment complex
▪️  Six residential towers set right at the edge of Creek Island. 
▪️  Provide a spectacular view of the surrounding city skyline and sea. 

Annual prices for the apartments/villas for rent in Dubai Creek Harbour
▪️  Average at AED 67k for 1-bedroom 
▪️  AED 95k for 2-bed units.
▪️  3-bedroom villa in the area averages at AED 166k per annum

Investors and potential homeowners can expect to pay:
▪️  an average of AED 1M for 1-bed to AED 1.7M for 2-bed units
▪️  Villa purchases may cost up to an average of AED 4.2M for 4-bed properties.

The Lakes 
▪️  Good option for waterfront communities in Dubai by Emaar Properties
▪️  Features freehold villas for sale and rent in six neighbourhoods
▪️  Offer residents with stunning views of man-made lakes 
▪️  Complemented by verdant green spaces
▪️  Promises of lake-front living aside
▪️  Close to Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

▪️  Surrounded by waterways and landscaped greenery
▪️  Ghadeer is ideal for those who prefer living by the waterside. 

Villas for rent in The Lakes
▪️  Average at AED 163k for 3-bed
▪️  AED 219k for 4-bed 
▪️  AED 391k for 5-bed houses

Bluewaters Island 

Luxury waterfront living in all its glory!!!
Average price may ranges from AED 2.6M to AED 8.2M for 3 to 5-bedroom homes for those looking for waterfront homes for sale in Dubai. 

▪️  The landmark, mixed-use development is located a mere 500 metres off the coast of JBR 
▪️  Home to the famous Ain Dubai
▪️  One of the world’s tallest observation wheels

Bridge & Multi-mode transport system
▪️  Make it easier for visitors 
▪️  Residents to access the urban island

An iconic development at the island getaway is Bluewaters Residences offering an idyllic neighbourhood of premium penthouses, apartments and townhouses. 
Apartments for rent in Bluewaters Island 
Average asking rents for go up to AED 123k and AED 176k per annum for 1 and 2-bed flats 

Apartments for sale in Bluewaters Island 
▪️ Average at AED 2.2M for 1-bedroom
▪️ AED 3.3M for 2-bedroom homes
You may choose the 4-bed villas which currently average at AED 13.7M

Jumeirah Bay Island
▪️  One of the best areas to live in Dubai for beach lovers
▪️  Proximity to popular beaches like Kite Beach and Jumeirah Beach

Bulgari Residences
•  Man-made Island 
•  Features a range of waterfront properties offering breathtaking views
•  Representing waterfront living in Dubai 

Apartments for rent 
▪️  The apartments for rent on Jumeirah Bay Islands are available for average lease prices at AED 321k for 1-bed 
▪️  AED 444k for 2-bed units
Apartments Cost - AED 7.7M for 2-bedroom units 
Villa Cost - AED 18.6M for a 5-bedroom house 

Emaar Beachfront 

▪️  Private, gated island community on Dubai Harbour
▪️  Located just off Dubai Marina
▪️  Most desirable beachfront communities in Dubai, Emaar Beachfront
▪️  Perfectly suited for those who want to live close to the Arabian Gulf 

The Miami-inspired Beach Vista is popular with prospective tenants and buyers. The apartments here offer residents amazing views of the Palm Jumeriah and Burj Al Arab.  
Sale price
▪️  The apartments for sale in Emaar Beachfront average at AED 1.4M for 1-bed 
▪️  AED 2.2M for 2-bed flats
You can also opt to buy a villa here at a maximum average of AED 5.4M for a 4-bedroom house.

Port De La Mer 

▪️  One of several much-anticipated waterfront communities in Dubai
▪️  Port De La Mer is dubbed as a “truly one-of-a-kind island retreat” 
▪️  Upscale area with every facility and amenity within easy reach. 
▪️  Providing the ultimate waterfront living
▪️  The community is located at the tip of the North Peninsular at La Mer. 

A reputable development at Port De La Mer is La Voile 
▪️  Features Mediterranean-inspired apartments 
▪️  With a slew of dining, shopping and entertainment facilities
▪️  Located minutes from City Walk
▪️  Ideal home for those searching for beachfront communities in Dubai.

Apartments for sale
▪️  The apartments for sale in Port De La Mer range from AED 1.3M for 1-bedroom
▪️  AED 1.9M for 2-bedroom homes

Prefer to invest in larger accommodations? 
▪️  The waterfront villas for sale in Port De La Mer which have prices ranging from AED 4.3M 
▪️  AED 9.2M for 3 to 5-bedroom properties.


Is living on waterfront apartments worth it?
Living near a water body or ocean allows:
▪️  You to enjoy beautiful waterfront views from the comfort of your home. 
▪️  Beneficial for those who enjoy water-based activities like swimming, water-skiing and others.

Is Buying a Beach House a Good Investment?
Buying a beachfront home can be an excellent return on your investment and a steady income stream if you plan on renting out the property as a vacation home. 
And, that’s all about the popular waterfront communities in Dubai.