World’s First Floating Hotel in Dubai: Kempinski


World’s First Floating Hotel in Dubai: Kempinski

Highlights: Kempinski Floating Palace
- A luxury hotel opening as a floating destination in Dubai. 
- 12 other floating luxury villas are grouped around the hotel.

The Luxury Development 
- Innovative project put forward by Seagate Shipyard convinces.
- Offer our guests in Dubai such a first experience from 2023 onwards.
- Connected close to Jumeirah Beach Road. 

- 156-rooms plus a suite hotel. 
- Guests can arrive by speed boat or with their own boats.  

The Main Building
Split into four parts:
- Connected in the middle by a glass pyramid, offering a 5-star hotel. 
- Gourmet restaurants banquet areas dot the hotel.
- Has 12 luxury villas, connected by pontoons.

- Villas comes with high-quality design over two floors with a roof terrace and an Infinity pool. 
- With two-, three- and four-bedroom options.
- Villas include crew and staff rooms as well as indoor and outdoor living rooms. 
- Cruising at a maximum speed of 6 nautical miles.
- Villas are equipped with solar panels which are environment friendly.