Youth Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai


Youth Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai 

The Dubai Expo 2020 is a golden opportunity to highlight the role of youth in shaping the future.

To gather the Arab youth, celebrate their innovations, and bring together the world’s youth at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Youth Pavilion
- Expo 2020 Dubai will have a pavilion built and managed entirely by the youth and is for the youth.
- The pavilion, announced in conjunction with the International Youth Day, in cooperation with the Federal Youth Foundation and the Arab Youth Centre.
- The pavilion design and its various components will be announced in later stages. 

Agenda of the Youth Pavilion
- Includes hosting the “Global Forum for UAE Youth”; the “Forum of Young Emirati Leaders”; the “Young Farmers Market”.
- Specialised programmes such as the “Young Arab Media Leaders”; the “Arab Youth Enterprise Market”; and the launch of the “Arab Youth Council for Climate Change”.

Open Creative Spaces For Youth
- For promising future youth ideas in various sectors, including technology, new media, smart learning and work patterns, as well as entrepreneurship, digital, circular and green economies.
- Play the role of a link between Emirati youth and youth from all participating countries at Expo 2020.
- Global destination and a central station for youth activities. 
- Serve as a platform to invest in the energies of young people and efforts to empower and involve them to celebrate inspiring and creative models globally.
- Attract government and private institutions from around the world to adopt the youth empowerment model and invest in their energies.

Role of Federal Youth Foundation and the Arab Youth Centre 
- Review the Emirati model for youth empowerment.
- Serve as an incubating environment to empower young people.
- Motivate young people to contribute at the national, local, regional and international levels.

Expo 2020 Targets
Targeting the young audiences from all over the world because they are the minds, talents, energies and capabilities to create the future.

Main Ambition for Expo 2020 Dubai
- To witness the largest contribution of youth in the history of the World Expo.

Events & Highlights
1. Youth Lights
To convey Emirati art to Expo visitors by presenting live performances on various Expo platforms.

2. Gulf Young Entrepreneurs Forum
Brings together young entrepreneurs in the GCC through several workshops and training courses to discuss best practices and experiences.

3.Youth Seminars
Sixteen Youth seminars to be held in conjunction with 15 global events and celebrations within the United Nations agenda.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why targeting the youth?
Because they are the minds, talents, energies and capabilities to create the future.

2. What is an Expo pavilion?
Expos, a unique platform for public diplomacy and nation branding. In their pavilions, countries display and showcase technological innovations and national cultures, engaging with civil society to craft a positive and distinctive national identity.