Property Management

Did you know on average it takes 96 hours a year to effectively manage a one-bedroom unit? Here at Elysian, we believe your time is precious and we want you to have that time back.


Who are Elysian?

  • RERA certified
  • Sales team of over 50 all trained with RERAqualifications
  • Multilingual Company
  • Customer Services Oriented
  • Results Driven Company
  • Focused on creating a WOW experience for everyone

Why Elysian ?

Elysians property management team can look after all aspects of your rental properties, from finding you a tenant.

Organising maintenance when needed, and moving in and out reports, so you know your investment is always in the very best condition.

All done through our fantastic tenant management tool, which gives you access to the financials of each and every unit you have managed by us!


Our Management Services

Any property that you rent has to be managed, and this requires a lot of work on your part this is why we have tailored two Property Management packages each designed to meet your needs. We can take care of just the basics like arranging a property viewing, right up to resolving disputes and maintenance issues. Our aim is to cut your workload and have your property cared for properly so you can make your life as a landlord easier and more enjoyable.


(6% of annual rent)

  • RERA Compliance
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Arrange Tenant Viewings
  • Tenant Credit Screening
  • Move In/Out Inspection and Report
  • Snag Rectification and Follow up
  • Key / Property Handover
  • Tenancy and Renewal Management
  • Tenant Complaints Management
  • Key Collection


(inclusive of gold, 8% of annual rent)

  • Insurance Advice
  • Maintenance Management
  • Cleaning Services
  • Financial Accounting
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Rental Income and Arrears Management
  • Annual Inspection Reports

We guarantee

We guarantee to provide a management service for you and your property which is ethical, committed and above everything else professional to ensure all you have to do is enjoy the rewards of your investment.We will take care of the rest and do it with a smile.

Case Studies

Your Way..

You are on holiday and receive a phone call from your tenant at 2 am telling you that all the A/C and lights have stopped working. What do you do? You try ringing out to companies in the middle of the night and after many calls and hours on the phone you finally find a workman who overcharges you for the call out and manages to get your entire electrical system to break down you then have to cut your holidays short to get the problem fixed which has cost time and stress at twice the expense...


Your Way

You advertise your property, a tenant contacts you and agrees to lease your property. You agree on two cheques but the second cheque bounces, you call the tenant, he is not answering his phone. So you fly to Dubai to find that he is no longer in the property which means lost income and also found it to be badly damaged...

Possible Risk...

Elysian Way...

With Elysian, the tenant would have called our helpline and a qualified technician would have been sent to the unit and the problem, a simple short-fuse is fixed at no charge. Now the tenant is very happy with the level of service and wants to renew his tenancy contract...

Efficient Convenience...

Elysian Way...

Elysian will advertise your property to find a tenant who agrees to lease your property for one year with 2 cheques. Elysian can then credit screen the tenant and find that he has bounced a cheque in the past and will deny him the rental. Elysian will then find another tenant who does go through the credit screening ...

Risk Avoided...

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